Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Hand Drawn: Feeling Nostalgic at Village Haberdashery

I know a few of you have experienced the phenomenon of only truly appreciating a fabric line when it is long gone and only available on Etsy at an enormous price and an OOP tag.  Part of me has learnt to anticipate a little earlier when I feel the stirrings of affection for a new range but I still underestimate how I can fall for something.  

When fabric manufacturers bring back these popular, sort after old designs with a revamp and a new twist I am pretty satisfied and when I saw Village Haberdashery stocking Anna Maria Horner's Garden Party prints coming back at as part of her Hand Drawn Garden range I was thrilled!  Evening colour way is above, Sunlight, below.
You can build a bundle here and see the range here.   
And then there is Lush Uptown, not yet arrived, but hot stuff when it does, get ready, finger poised to order...

I do have a little Painter's Palette from first time around with this fabric collection,  and it is a very special print.
Blythe has been another range that has crept up on people and some prints have already sold out- the navy spots (I think the colour is called Park) is one I was crushing on and it was already too late but I did buy some of the green (garden) which is a perfect Kelly green and a colour which is often neglected in fabric.  Build a bundle is here.
And finally, Melody Miller Ruby Star Sparkle.  This is the last Ruby Star range Melody Miller is designing for Kokka, she has new plans, so if it pulls your heart strings, now might be the time to get some in and Annie has it on sale too.

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  1. Hi Kerry! I love all the fabrics you show here! So beautiful and many of them has warm autumn colours! x Teje

  2. Aww, they're all lovely!
    it's really hard to pick one, but maybe Hand Drawn Garden?


  3. I could hold off on most of those, but the painter's pallet, is appealing, and did you say that MM is on sale? Oooohhhh


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