Monday, 26 August 2013

Double Gauze at Eternal Maker

Hot on the heels of my Chardon Double gauze skirt, I thought I would show you the wonderful selection of double gauze at Eternal Maker for this month's trip to their Aladdin's fabric cave!  Double gauze is 2 light layers of fabric held together with a clever weaving technique so you get the benefits of a light floaty fabric alongside a fabric that isn't see through or slippery and can be used for tops, dresses, blankets etc.  Kelly at Superbuzzy gives a great explanation here.  It is best with simple, floaty styles that make the most of its properties.
It comes in an array of colours and patterns from the more classic large polka variation that I used for my skirt: Nani Iro by Naomi Ito for Kokka, Pon Pocho in blue... the more cutesy designs like this Panda print for Cosmo which would be great for children's clothes or blankets with its smaller scale print.
Double gauze is incredibly soft and is ideal for babies and children's wear
At its simplest, it makes beautiful scarves and blankets from basic square and rectangle cuts of the fabric. 
This larger Nani Iro Waltz abstract print would make a beautiful scarf, there is a very helpful post here on making a scarf and a free pattern for a neck wrap here.
On the Nani Iro website, there are many more free patterns ranging from a men's kimonos to a plethora of baby bibs, booties, clothes as well as women's wear and accessories.  Just click on the different years to see patterns designed for that year's fabric.
The Tomotake doughnuts print double gauze is a another graphic print, it look good on a scarf or a bigger project- a long full skirt?  Maybe another Chardon?
And this pink Kiyohara baby print would make a beautiful blanket, backed with a snuggly flannel
or if you prefer a blue print, these delicate sail boats
My absolute favourite is this print, Nani Iro Little Letters in peach.
This one might be my next order!  Enjoy x  And any questions about double gauze, please ask and I will answer in the comments.
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  1. I am a double gauze convert! I made a Figgy's Zephyr sundress for my eldest daughter from the Nani Iro Little Letter in the pink colourway - it was my first attempt with double gauze and I was surprised (and delighted!) that it wasn't difficult or slippy to sew with and the floatiness is just perfect. I have bought some more Little Letter in the peach colourway that you showed above - going to make the same pattern for my youngest daughter next.

    1. It does have good stability, not slippery and easy to pin and control. I love your plans!

  2. I bought some of the Kokka polar bear double gauze from their stand at FoQ. Do you think double gauze will work well for a staple dress? I'm so tempted to make one but get put off buy quite how much I need to spend on fabric to make a dress!

  3. I bought some Nani Iro double gauze on a trip to Japan (so cheap there!), but I can't seem to bring myself to cut into it. I guess I should just do it, right?

  4. Lalalalalala, fingers in ears, hands over eyes, can't hear you, can't see this, it's not pay day yet...


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