Wednesday, 6 April 2011


These are all recent carboot finds- I have had a good run of finds recently.  I know carboot sales might be a bit of a mystery outside of the UK- I'll try and remember to take my camera this Sunday and take some pics for you and explain how it works.
A vintage advertising tea towel for Babycham, iconic little Babycham deer-v. cute
As that is a bit of a collectable, I put that in my etsy shop- gotta fund the fabric purchases somehow!
These are two linens so lovely...
a little handworked sampler of stitches, such beautiful colours and work,
and a tea tray cloth with lovely machined motifs.
This one has a Christmas feel- with the exception of the strawberries, placemat size.
Lots of other magpies missed this one, someone was standing on it when I noticed the fantastic border.
It currently has the very important job of protecting my clear vintage box of fabrics from sunlight.
I loved this little tin- anything that nests inside anything else is appealing and these cutters are a great fit in the tin.

This Minitimer is Italian made and designed by Richard Sapper who turns out to be a very cool designer indeed (Alessi)!  It works beautifully.
And to finish, a G plan lamp table, £3 which is about $5 or 4 Euros.  IT is a bit tatty at the sides, but what a bargain.  It is undergoing restoration- that is a grand way of saying it has wood glue and a pile of books to get the edges of the veneer to stick down on the sides.  I have already waxed and polished the drawer front and it is glowing.
Half way through the working week, always a nice place to be
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  1. What a terrific haul - and the lamp table is just fantastic!

  2. Great finds!
    I have this odd fascination with babycham. I never had a babycham wich is probably for the best because to me it still is this magical drink they used to have on telly only.

  3. Hi Just discovered your blog while reading Dotty Dolly blog. Will follow you if thats ok.
    Great car boot finds you have there ! I havn't been to one this year yet.
    Best wishes

  4. That cookie cutter set is ace; it's tempting me to go car booting soon!

  5. Great haul! I went car booting this morning also, see my finds here;

  6. I'm very jealous!!! I love the lamp table & cutter set.... did you go to Matford? I went a few weeks ago & it was full of plastic toys....rubbish!! x

  7. Such great finds as usual. The sampler of stitches is very lovely! And the lamp table! I bet it would be even cuter if you painted in a vintage-inspired color :)

  8. I love the stitch sampler! That is awesome. Are carboots similar to yard sales? If so, I never find anything remotely as awesome as all of the stuff you find!


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