Sunday, 17 April 2011

Battered, worn out, in need of a make over?

Not me, although that is debatable on some mornings, but this little G-Plan table which has seen better days.
Dry across the top, many cups of tea and coffee have left their mark.
As for the sides, dry, flaking veneer made it look a bit tatty.  So I got to work with PVA and a little brush to secure the veneer edges.  I filled the unevenness with wood filler applied by the best tool, my fingers.
 Sanded  it a little, primed and painted with some egg shell that I used for my sewing storage shelves.
And now it is all shiny, gleaming and sexy looking!  Buffed, waxed and polished. Morells oak coloured wax  to colour and Effax leather balm to moisturise and shine.   
Effax is the most amazing product for wood and leather.  It is a mix of bee's wax, lanolin and avocado oil.  It leaves a lovely smell as well as the glowing finish.  I don't normally take on furniture projects as lots of sanding really hurts my hands, but a little mini makeover is OK and I am really pleased with the results.  It whispers rather than shouts retro so Damian is happy too- he is not the biggest fan of the Mid Century modern aesthetic, but I can make some of it work for him and get to indulge myself.
The paint colour reminds me of my ongoing love affair with teal and turquoise.  We are replacing our kitchen after 13 years of the old kitchen which is starting to show its age.  Nor surprisingly I am going for a retro feel- matt cream units, integrated aluminum strip handles and genuine Formica worktops.   I am planning the refit in two stages and trying to conserve existing tiles and layout to keep costs down.  But, the Formica is worth the splurge.  Feast your eyes on these beauties!
Now as much as I love the middle two woth their squiggles and scratchy lines, (and I love them a lot) the far right colour will work better.  It has a dimple dot surface, a bit like Minky dot plush fabric but concave rather than raised, and just look at the colour.
Turquoise makes me happy.


  1. I need to get hold of some of that Effax - we've just bought a fabulous old kitchen table from a guy in the village and it could do with a little bit of a facelift1

  2. I knew it would come up a treat - superb work! Turquoise is the dog's b******s of colour isn't it!

  3. wow, talk about 10 years younger, -it looks brand new!

  4. Turquoise is my favourite colour too!!! Your 'makeover' looks fabulous!

  5. I love it that you rescued this sweet table! Well done - it looks gorgeous.

  6. Oh look how the table is totally shiny and cool now!!

  7. Turquoise makes me happy too, Kerry! And a what a beauty you created - it's the most adorable table!

    Happy week!


  8. turquoise makes me happy too!


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