Saturday, 23 April 2011


Every Easter I make Simnel cake.  We are not religious but I like family tradition and this is one of ours. I use Nigella Lawson's recipe but instead of a circle of marzipan in the centre, I cube the marzipan, freeze it and add it with the dried fruit.   Lula makes the 12 apostles represented by marzipan balls
and then eats Judas before I toast them under the grill.  It is a delicious lemony fruit cake and the addition of Megan's fancy cinnamon give it an extra kick!  Yummy.
Today, a hotly awaited parcel arrived from USA courtesy of the lovely, helpful Ali ( I am so grateful to her, check out the link, she has a great blog with really good tutes).  The new Denyse Schimdt new DS Quilts fabric line , available exclusively at Joanns USA fabric store chain.
It is a fusion of  her previous Flea Market Fancy/ Katie Jump Rope lines and general feedsack vintage designs.  Totally lovely, I have never had so many FQs at once.  My fav are the last three, far right on the pic above.  You may well be able to find some on Etsy
I am going off at a tangent now, but a great recent find is this make up mineral powder foundation by Lily Lolo.  I found out about it in India Knight's Thrift Book.  The book is a variable read but some of the tips are worth knowing and I found the beauty section incredibly helpful.  She highlights this product in particular and I bought the 'Light' sample set that you see below- includes a baby buki synthetic brush and a set of pale colours to find the perfect shade.

My skin is incredibly reactive, I can't ever wear foundation, I have to use a particular brand of sun block  so I don't get spots etc. etc.  I usually end up with concealer, Dr Hauschka loose powder, Dandelion brightening powder by Benefit  and hope for the best.  I don't like heavy make up, it makes me feel too painted.  The Lily Lolo foundation powder goes on in swirls with the little brush.  It almost feels like you are lightly buffing your face-there is a video to show you how to master the art.  And then magically your skin looks all balanced, even, natural.  I cannot tell you how good this stuff is- even for a pale face like me, I can find the right shade! A full size pot is £12.49- bargain and there is a plethora of sample sizes and other make up if that is your thing.  You can see from the pic that my make up is pretty minimal but believe me without the powder my skin does not look like that! 
That's enough revelation for today, taking that picture was a challenge in more ways than one.
  Reading the comments on the last post made me teary at times, what a lovely, supportive readers I have and some good advice too.  Thankyou and happy Easter x
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  1. I've heard good things about that poder too, Kerry. I might give it a go now. I've been using Philosophy's Airbrushed Canvas powder and it was good to start with but got a bit 'cakey' toward to bottom of the pot. Maybe I should have shook it up a bit. Happy Easter! The simnel cake has made my mouth water. x

  2. Yummy cake, this year I made cup cakes with the Simnel cake recipe and chopped the marzipan too.
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  3. Mmmm, your cake looks lurvley!

  4. I started using Lily Lolo after reading that book too! My skin is also incredibly sensitive and prone to outbreaks of redness but the powder foundation really evens it out nicely without looking like I've a ton of slap on. It lasts for ages! I bought mine last year and there is still tons left. Their eyeshadows are really lovely too.
    Ooh, lucky you getting all of that delicious fabric!
    R x

  5. You jammy thing getting some DS! I'm hoping I too have some winging it's way to me via a friend of a friend!!

  6. That cake looks yummy. And I'm so glad to see that you got some of the new DS - isn't it lovely!

  7. It's so nice to see yo up close although saying that makes me feel like I am your stalker.
    I love the DS line too!


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