Sunday, 3 April 2011


Thank you for such an enthusiastic response to my process paper piecing post yesterday.  I will do a tutorial post based on paper piecing using free lines but with a simpler design or even your own design, I just need more time, so much to do- but be patient,  it'll come.
In the UK today is Mothering Sunday.  Lula,with a little help from D, bought me this and it is so beautiful I can hardly read it without tears
I have mentioned paper cutting artist Rob Ryan before- he is a family favourite.  Carol Ann Duffy is currently poet laureate and is a beautiful writer of poetry and lyrical children's books.

This is the story of everywoman, me, you, all of us and that is what makes it so magical.  Birth, family friends, creativity, love, death.  

A real treasure.
Happy mothers day.

On a side note, the current dumbing down debate which I think kicked off here and I also read a sad blog post at Malka's Stitch in Dye blog explaining the impact of online critics.  I love Malka's work, her strips and bricks quilts was one of the first 'modern' quilts that caught my eye and never went away.  I don't care about dumbing down, the Rob Ryan tile below sums up my thoughts.
Don't let anyone spoil your fun x
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  1. Oh I love Rob Ryan's book! I have a bunch of his tiles, exhibit books, and his beautiful Stars scarf. I do totally need this book though! What a sweet gift from your kiddo :D

  2. This whole debate is making me so sad. Can't we all just get along? It breaks my heart to read such vitriolic criticism of something handmade. It is discouraging and unkind. What happened to common courtesy and respect?

    *off my soapbox now*

    Have a happy Mothering Sunday!

  3. What a lovely gift! Her etsy shop's got really nice arts with beautiful messages! This book must be such a nice one to have!

    Happy Mothering Sunday :)

  4. I got this book out of the library just last week, -I love both Carol Ann Duffy and Rob Ryan so this is a collaboration made in heaven for me!

    My friend has Rob Ryan bunting in her kitchen which I am so envious of, but can't quite justify £25 on some bunting! x

  5. Happy Mothering Sunday! And what a lovely gift - sure to be treasured.


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