Saturday, 2 April 2011

Thank you x

I never cease to be amazed of the kindness of bloggers and blog readers.  Thank you for so many kind and supportive words about Bob, I know he is only a cat but in our little family world he is a big part.  He is doing OK and is a happy cat.   All your lovely comments help me a lot!
More thankyous, to Julie, I have been meaning to blog this all week.  I was extremely lucky to have Julie secretly make me this doll quilt for the Doll Quilt Swap 10 and send all the vintage goodies on the right of this pic, they were wonderful too.
So many people wanted this quilt, me amongst them and although I hadn't dared to imagine it would
actually come to me.  It was a tears in the eyes moment opening this package.  Lula was with me as she was off school with a cold and we were both amazed.
The work Julie put into this is incredible, so many fiddly, detailed features, so many different skills.  It is like an activity quilt for adults, all be it adults obsessed by retro kitchens.  All the details to look at and touch, the little 3d bits- oven gloves, pot holder,
the tea towels with their frayed edges, made from vintage fabrics.
The apron can even be detached.  And just look at its tiny patch pocket.
I cannot thank Julie enough for this.  She well and truly got my taste in every way!  She doesn't have a blog but you can see her on Flickr.  A nice twist of swap luck is that she received my kitchen quilt in My Favourite little Quilt Swap so we each have a mini kitchen quilt from each other.
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  1. I am jealous! What a gorgeous piece of art to receive in the post!

  2. Wow that is incredible!! The work that has gone into it is amazing, you can tell she loves what she does. So glad you were the recipient :)
    Kandi x


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