Thursday, 30 December 2010

Pillow Presents

Now all the recipients have their presents I can show you what I made, starting with cushions/pillows.  This one is for my brother.  There are lots of little clues for him in the fabric . Iconic brands- he is a graphic designer, Peanuts Dr fabric- he has had a lot of  trips for allergies this year but is all sorted now
ironic references to coolness- he lives in London
random words and mispelt Japanese London fabric
Food and lego- a fine combination!

Something a bit calmer for my sister, she is a poor sleeper so this is a intended as an aid, a balm to sleepness nights.  The fabrics relate to the forest surrounding sleeping beauty so a bit of Joel Dewberry Herringbone  Modern Meadow , some dandelion clock seeds from V and A, a bit of vintage orange, some Lecien Folklore tucked away in the meadow and Suzuko Koseki at the very edge.
I stamped the linen and heat set it with an iron- the hush label came from a scarf.
 Sweet dreams...
And the tiniest was a little mini log cabin lavender bag for my swap with Ingrid, I thought she would like the little bird and its fruity garden.

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  1. Those lovely cushions are great Kerry! I too made cushions for my brother, hu hum one yet to be finished so not yet blogged them!! Happy New Year to you!

  2. Hi Kerry, I love the bird and fruit prints!
    The pincuschion is on my desk,I use it a lot! Thank you, all the best for 2011..(and lots of nice crafting projects..)

  3. Beautiful presents Kerry! I love all those little details with the words you've put in.

  4. Very nice, I love the cushions so fun.

  5. Those are wonderful, Kerry! I especially like your brother's pillow because of all the graphic details on it. The text on all of these is great, too, and makes it personal.

  6. love these! Those pillows are exceptional indeed.

  7. You really made a pillow for your brother with the ketchup label!! And it is the CUTEST thing ever!!!! It is very detailed and LOTS of fun!! The pillow for your sister is really nice too! "Shh.." is too perfect :D


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