Saturday, 18 December 2010


The view at 8.00am, wonderful light.
I am lucky, I have had some lovely packages through the post, all as a result of blogging and Flickr friendships.  Sardaana from Austria offered a swap- I sent her some Suzuko Koseki 'recommended' fabrics and some Cath Kidston prints plus extras (can't show as my parcel to her has yet to get to her) and she sent me Lecien Kitchen prints- I have this in turquoise already, one of my favs- and Suzuko Koseki buttons print.  Thank you Sardaana xxx. She also added a tiny bias tape maker, nice little gadget- I am going to try this later.  Sardaana has the most beautiful shop in Salzburg which I just know I will get to visit one day.  
Ingrid of Ingthings sent me a surprise swap- I have sent hers, again postal service has slowed to a grind here, I hope it gets to her soon.  She sent me these vintage goodies.
The crane, starts and winter card are already on our tree.  And she included these wonderful fabrics and textiles too, wonderful, thank you lovely and always generous Ingrid x
 I won a little giveaway a couple of weeks again and it arrived yesterday, a cute little selvedge star decoration.  Thankyou x to Diane and Nancy- check out Nancy's etsy shop here.
And amidst making family Christmas gifts too secret to show to spying family eyes, I am making a coaster for Suzuko Koseki as part of Ayumi's generous idea, 18 crafers from 8 different countries, 18 coasters.  This was inspired by vintage type writer keys, paper pieced- it needs a square background and quilting so a way to go yet.   At the moment less than 4 inches across to give a bit of scale.  Check out the others here, inspiring stuff!  Thanks to Ayumi too, I have added a great little device to make blog entries print friendly, very useful for tutorials- click here to add it to your website/blog.

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  1. Wow 8 am over there looks beautiful! The right amount of snow makes the scenery so pretty!
    Great photos of fun goodies..! And WOW the L looks just waaaaaaay too perfect, Kerry!!!!!!! Te combination of fabric is absolutely perfect and your paper-piecing is so impeccable that it's hard to believe it's even real!! I feel like it deserves to be something better than a coaster - maybe a Christmas ornament? Thank you so much for making this coaster! I am really in love!!

  2. That print friendly button is a great idea! Esp. for tutorials that aren't in .pdf. Your coaster is so pretty! And love all the goodies from your blog friends, too!

  3. Dear Kerry, thank you for your lovely blogpost and I just received your swap mail. So nice: I'm gonna try the crochet snowflakes, love the special x-mas card (the print looks kind of Dutch!) an the sweet lavander bag.(and I'll drink a cup of tea on you..) It was a lovely swap, don't you think?
    Have a wonderful christmas xx Ingrid


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