Tuesday 14 December 2010

Old and New

I haven't posted much vintage stuff recently and I have been bringing out a few favourites for Christmas so I thought I would share.   I have liked old stuff since I was little.  I remember going to what were then called flea markets.  The name perplexed me even then, I do remember wondering if some of the stuff had fleas as the venues and some of the stock were dark and dingy places.  But, there was always the chance of finding treasure.  These trips were from the age of 8 or 9 with my dad.  He was a frequenter of junk and charity shops, partly because he is a cheapskate and partly because he is a collector too, it must be genetic.  Vintage style wasn't the rage in the late 1970s and if your clothes came from a charity shop you kept that very much to yourself.   I used to ache for the old china faced dolls but they were way out the range of my pocket money.  
I did buy this back then for pennies.  It usually stores precious little paper memories- a select bunch of old tickets and cards but the robin lends itself to Christmas.  
This book is a little ex school (Oliver and Boyd) book.  It has the most wonderful simple pictures so it always comes out at Christmas to rest on my cluttered shelves
I have a lot of cookie cutters around as well, they make easy decorations.  I love the stars in the pic below surrounded by circles, and Mary with her blanket.
I don't just bring out the old.  This book is new, great title, just on the right side of a pun.  It is from one of my music class mums who has known me a long time!  Thank you to Ma x x  If you are a knitter it is worth buying, it has funny and creative ideas and it uses the characters to tell the story too, very cute.
And to offset the drama of X factor and over sentimentalised  singing, take a look at this version of Your Song from Green Wing, thanks Kathy who reminded me of this, it gets me everytime :D
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  1. Really love the book photos. I could see that in a sketched/fabric art quilt.

  2. I used to wonder why flea markets were called flea markets and if there were fleas lurking about too. I still am not sure why they are called flea markets, but I suspect fleas are not compulsory ;-)

  3. The robin case is really adorable! So jealous of you growing up with vintage treasures. There isn't anything like flea markets in Japan. Vintage stuff always costs crazy over there.

  4. Very beautiful items, Kerry! The little birdie tin is precious! I like vintage items a lot too, thank you for sharing these with us!



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