Friday 10 December 2010

P is for Procrastination, presents...

So much to do, this was the state of my sewing area- I have since tidied it.  When I do a new project I pull out all the possible fabrics I might use and then dip into the pile as I sew. As an approach it is ccreative but messy, putting back doesn't have the appeal of getting it all out.  I am procrastinating, I can't help it,  so I thought I might as well blog and share some stuff.
Vintage feed sack squares, loving these, just arrived from USA great value from this ebay seller Shabbyvintagelady
Essentials from M is for Make  I didn't mean to buy a set of co-ordinating prints but my head must have been heading that way.  The herringbone Joel Dewberry print is to sash my Ringo Pie blocks, I am aiming for a printer's block wooden drawer look.
These are from Amy's soon to close fabric shop, I have been thinking about buying this bundle for too long, bit the bullet and it was worth it
I have made some Chirstmas present things and now Damian has sworn not to look I can reveal what I made for him but first here he is with our dog Lottie
A mug rug for work.  There are a lot of in jokes here but a few other more obvious things like tea, chocolate, biscuits, love and kisses.  The D paper pieced pattern is from Kumiko Fujita 318 Patchwork. Man quilting is always a test of fabric selection, colour etc. 
The back of projects is always more revealing than you think it will be, especially with the applique lines.  Reminds me of an old exercise book.
And Lula has been busy, a scrappy hoop for baby cousin Sophie.  She procrastinated too but got there in the end.
Back to the sewing machine x have a great weekend x
And a hello to new followers, there has been a few lately :)
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  1. so much to do, yet so little time left to do it all!! i know exactly how you fee!! love all the new fabrics!!

  2. your sewing space looks a lot better then mine at the moment! Those are some lovely fabrics you've got there, looking forward to see what you make with them :-)

  3. The D mug rug is so much fun! The "ha" is my favorite part but tea break is a fun feature to it too! Snoopy is my favorite character ever since I was a little kid. I have lots of Peanuts things including my cosmetic pouch. The Sophia hoop is lovely too :)

  4. Lottie is such a pretty dog! I bet she's good company in your sewing room. Your mug rug is adorable. Love the Peanuts fabric!

  5. How lovely fabrics you have, Kerry! And the mug rug you made for Damian is genius, I love it!

    Have a greatest new crafting-week soon!


  6. i'm loving your fabric choices Kerry, and your little dog - such a cute photo!


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