Monday, 27 August 2018

August at Eternal Maker and Plush Addict- Seasonal Transition Choices

We're moving out of Summer and into Autumn in the UK, a time of transition so for this month's sponsor visits to Eternal Maker and Plush Addict, I've chosen colours, fabrics and styles that fit with a change of season and keep the mix of dressmaking and quilting that I love.

Eternal Maker

  1. Tea House Top and Dress by Sew House Seven Paper and PDF versions. I've included this as it's on my September make list.  I've had the pattern for a while and it looks like the ideal transitional dress, especially the longer version so if I include it here, it might give me the push to get it sewn!  There are no extra fastenings to include and I think it could be worn over a skinny long sleeve top to give it a longer wearing time. 
  2. Dashes- Indigo Woven from Sevenberry. Medium to heavy weight with texture.  Ideal for cushions bags and heavier weight structural clothing.
  3. Double-Sided double Gauze in Scallop Stripe Grey from Kokka. Maximise the contrast by using both sides of this gorgeous double gauze
  4. Mustard Rust: Eternal Maker custom fat quarter bundle.  I love the curated bundles at Eternal Maker, they put together what looks like an effortless combination and this one is the perfect autumnal mix with the warm colours and the textural mix of cottons with linen blends.

  1. Cork Fabric: with natural and dark metallic grain. I've yet to try cork fabric but I've seen so many bags and purses made with it and it has great structural and textural appeal.  Kellie Rose describes this as feeling like leather and it's also known as cork leather. 
  2. Denim 11oz 150cm wide.  Dark denim, ready for clothing, cushions, bags and accessories.  You can read a handy guide to denim weight here which includes guidance and tips for sewing; at under 12oz,  this is in the lighter weight category.
  3. Makower Bloom Autumn FQ Bundle (11 fabrics). I couldn't resist this bundle with the title and colourway!
  4. Dashwood Boho Meadow Animals in white. Designed by Bethan Janine (also available in dark blue).
I've got a basic membership to Picmonkey so I've been playing around with some mood board style layouts to collate the images which is fun to do!

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