Thursday, 30 August 2018

Great British Quilter

If you're on Instagram, you may well have taken part in last September's #GreatBritishQuilter Challenge.  It's a daily photo challenge, all about quilting which aims to celebrate all things British and quilty- you don't need to be in the UK to take part!  It was started by Sarah Ashford and Charlie Mankin and it really took off with a great community feel around the hashtag #GreatBritishQuilter, reminiscent of the Flickr group days for those who can remember that far back!  It returns for September 2018, but with a change.  As her Stitchsperation business is growing rapidly and needs more of her time, Charlie has decided to step away and Sarah very kindly invited me to be her new GBQ partner!  So, to celebrate, the free Aurifil spool foundation paper piecing pattern which I designed for the spools quilt as part of the #GreatBritishQuilter/Aurifil Threadbox launch is now available to download for free!

zIt's an easy block to piece and there are three options so you choose a full, medium or skinny spool -all make a 6" x 7" block finished.  Find the pattern free in my Payhip shop.

And here's the #GreatBritishQuilter prompt sheet for those of you who like to be prepared!

Find the printable PDF version here

Let me know if you're thinking of taking part in the challenge.


  1. Lovely news! I'll be taking part, really enjoyed it last year.

    1. Thankyou Denise, I need to be more prepared this time!

  2. I am aiming to take part but will be travelling a couple of times during the month so will need to be organised!

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