Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Round and Round and Round Quilt

It's always a good day when I can write a blog post about a finished quilt.  This is 'Round and Round and Round', named after the Joni Mitchell song, Circle Game.  It came about as an idea for an exhibition quilt- the South West Modern Quilt Guild is exhibiting for the first time in October!  It's also a teaching aid for the 2019 Threadhouse retreat (I'm teaching Dresdens and Petals) and most importantly, it's marking a time of change for our family as our daughter prepares for Uni. She helped choose some of the fabrics, we bought the binding fabric on a day trip to Bath and like me she's a fan of these colours and prints. 

There is a little colour theory in this quilt.  Each block pairing is based on contrasting opposites (or as close as I could get from my stash).  I tried to use what I had- I had to buy one solid fat quarter and the binding fabric, but everything else was from my cupboards!

For the quilting, I had a spiral idea initially but didn't want a circular spiral, so I happened upon an archimedean square spiral and this was relatively straightforward as once it's drawn on as you can sew continuously. To draw on, I used a Frixion pen; I know they have their drawbacks as they can leave odd residue marks, but I knew I needed to see more than a crease and I have no other fabric markers that would be better. I used a steel tape measure and some vintage irons as weights to keep it in place.  Each line moved by 3.5" as that was the furthest apart the batting could be quilted. This design works best on a square quilt.

The binding (seen from the reverse) is by V and Co for Moda, Color Theory collection. 

Quilt details:
Size 54" square.
Sew Easy Curved Dresden ruler
Sew Easy 45 degree Petal Ruler
Wadding Hobbs Heirloom 80/20
Quilting thread Aurifil 40wt


  1. Looks wonderful! I love all the prints and the quilting is so interesting.

  2. Beautiful quilt, Kerry! Love the alternating solid and checkered background fabrics for each block and pairing up of colours for the Dresdens. The quilting is really striking - love it!

  3. Lovely quilt. How satisfying that you managed to make it almost completely from stash.

    1. Thank you Linda, I’ve had those large check FQs for ages so it was great to make a feature of them!

  4. This is absolutely wonderful! I love your straight curved fun quilting lines you drafted. I'm going to have to study how you did it a bit closer. I've only made one Dresden plate quilt and it was mini blocks, but I can see something in the circle family having to come out of this inspiration.

    Thanks so much for sharing this.

    1. Thanks Sandi. It took a while to draw all the quilting lines on- I did using the same method as the video link in the blog post. I’m so happy you feel inspired by it!


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