Monday, 17 September 2018

The Maker's Atelier Pleated Skirt in Linen

I've had some beautiful linen bought a few years ago from and when I saw the pleated skirt in The Maker's Atelier magazine Autumn/Winter 18 I thought a linen version would make a good seasonal transition skirt.

One of the best features of the magazine is this layout which features The Maker's Atelier patterns old and new, all in Autumnal evening/occasion fabrics, including the pleated skirt shown in velvet.  There's another double spread in more everyday fabrics, they are both beautiful pattern showcase, very tempting!

Back to the skirt... it's a simple construction inspired by France Tobin's visit to the recent Frida Kahlo exhibition at the V&A.  There are three pieces: the front and back are identical and include the pockets, plus a waistband.

I lengthened my version as midi is not a length I wear and I added an hem panel which is one of the pattern variations.  I think I lengthened it a little too much for practical walking as it's a little restrictive so I may remove this.

The most interesting feature is how the pocket is formed as the waistband fastens.  I opted for some press studs but you can use a clip or button/buttonhole depending on fabric thickness.  This fastening repeats on each side.  My waistband is sitting relatively low - I have a recent scar on my high waist from a recent operation.  The waistband is very easy to fit and adjust.

You can find the pattern in the Autumn/Winter 18 magazine.  Note there was a printing error on the waistband and amendments are on the website (minor, the original waistband was too long and needs shortening). 


  1. Beautiful! I love linen--I've made a lot of garments with it. That skirt is lovely--I like that pocket construction. I've had a few RTW skirts that fastened that way and I think it is so clever.

    1. It is lovely fabric, I made a Japanese wrap apron from it too as a gift and it really worked with that style.

  2. I love your skirt. I have also made it but I haven't sewn the buttonholes yet. My fabric is a bit thick so I will have to do them by hand.

    1. Thank you! Best of luck with the buttonholes, hand stitched in buttonhole thread will be lovely!


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