Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Scrappy Fabric Mod Podge Project

I keep scraps, although not all the scraps, they drive me too crazy! But there are some tiny pieces of fabric that I cannot throw away, Precious vintage pieces, not even complete motifs or images, little jigsaw pieces of prints that I can only imagine the whole effect.  And then sometimes I have a plan that will use even these smallest pieces of fabric and I'm glad I kept them.

There's no great finesse in this project. Just a flat brush, feedback scraps (many with frayed edges that I couldn't cut or there'd be no fabric left!), cardboard 3D decoupage letters and Mod Podge Mat. The later two were from WHSmiths, I'm guessing Hobbycraft would also sell both of these for UK crafters and the equivalent should be available in other countries. The letters had a base coat of white acrylic first, otherwise it was just lots of mod podge so it acts as a glue and protective coating. The result is a naive collage mix but there are cute and they are for young children so that seems appropriate. I'm really happy some of these little motifs that I've stored so long have found a home. 


  1. These are super, super cute! Love them!

  2. HobbyCraft have got a good selection of decoupage letters and not expensive. I recently bought some mod podge for the first time and I'm giving this a go when I have time :)


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