Thursday, 29 June 2017

June at Eternal Maker

There's a sale on at sponsor Eternal Maker at the moment.  No need for a code and lots of choice to be had.  Note, the reduced price per metre can be seen on the general page- not always on the individual item page. Here are my top nine bargain picks...

From l to r, row by row:
  1. Alexander Henry Tutty Fruity Canvas cotton. Perfect for bags, cushions and any thing where a slightly heavier weight fabric is called for. 
  2. Moda, From Bump to Baby Charmpack, Gina Martin.  A fabric precut just waiting to become a new baby quilt!
  3. Cloud 9 Organic Fauna Biology by Sarah Watson. Glorious organic cotton for only £9/metre.
  4. Oliver+S 2+2 Blouse and Pleasted Skirt Paper Pattern. For age range 4-8 years and there are a verity of options included - sleeve length variations etc. 
  5. Moda, Charcoal on Linen Archive Collage, Atelier by 3 Sisters. Linen is the colour way not the fabric content which is quilting cotton.  Lovely low volume print.
  6. Cloud 9 Organic Small World Corduroy by Rae Hoekstra. Bargain at only £9/m, just the ticket for children's clothing. 
  7. Andover, Strawberry Blue Green from The Lovely Hunt by Lizzy House.  Also available in pink. This print reminds me of William Morris, it feels like a modern day interpretation. 
  8. Princess in Pink, Heather Ross for Windham fabrics, Far Far Away.  Also available in orange.
  9. Cotton+Steel, Animal Spirit Night Blue, Mesa Alexia Abegg. One of my favourite C+S prints, £7.80/m and also available in a lighter mint colour way.  This would make a great backing print for a small baby quilt.

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  1. Great picks! Especially love the butterfly fabric for a quilt backing!


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