Saturday, 3 June 2017

Two Tops: Yes and No

 A tale of two t-shirts, one worked, the other did not.  I used a drapey narrow striped viscose (used here on a Sew Over It Molly top) for both.  On the surface their line drawings didn't look so different, but it was a lesson in which style lines and silhouettes that suit me, something that I'm still learning and I know it's the same for many of you who sew your own clothes.
On the left is The Oversized T-Shirt from Frances Tobin's The Maker's Atelier: Essential Collection Book, reviewed here.  On the right is the top 4, the Epaulette top from She Wears the Pants by Yuko Takada, reviewed here.  I've made the second top twice and I know it is a silhouette that works for me: wide boat neck, flared sleeves and an A-line gently flared body.  I've worn both my previous versions of this top many times, especially in the sort of dull summer weather that we can get a lot of in the UK!  I started with the Oversized Tee, I wanted something slouchy and relaxed.  It sewed up quickly as there are only four pieces and the neck line is turned over rather than a band, the instructions are very straightforward.  But it did nothing for me...
It just looked oversized, rather than drapey. There's a lot of volume on the upper part of this top, across the shoulders and upper bust which is probably the smallest part of me.  When I looked again at the line drawing, I could see the slight carrot shape as the side seams narrow towards the hem.  For someone with wider shoulders and maybe a bigger bust, I can imagine it working well but I knew it didn't suit me so I got my scissors out and cut the front and back for the sleeves of the second top and the arms for the neckline facing and got sewing on top two.
Ahh, that's better.  I've already worn this top several times.  I love the floaty hems and the more fitted top.  A lesson in knowing what suits you.  

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  1. This was an interesting post! It's true you can have what looks like such similar patterns and sew them up and yikes one can look so much better than the other but so hard to tell just from the pattern drawings. So many aspects go into making just the right silhouette for our bodies and what can look so terrific on one person can just be a sack on another. Thank you for this great photo/pattern comparison!


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