Sunday, 28 May 2017

Japanese Cross-back Apron In Swedish Linen

I have wanted a Japanese style cross back apron forever.  It's one of those sewing blogger cliches on Pinterest, fantasies about floating around in a linen tabard, living the creative dream.  This one was my pin for a long time!  I recently picked up this gorgeous Swedish linen/cotton, a reprint of Astrid Sampe's "Persons Kryddskåp" from Amy's destash and stitched up this version  yesterday afternoon.

I had 1.2m length, 1.5m wide fabric to work with and I used it all.  I used Westwood Acres Japanese apron free pattern as my starting point and tweaked it during the making.  I made mine over 12" longer than the original pattern, you just need to extend the vertical side line on the pattern piece.  I also extended the side pieces by ½" (see more on this below).  I didn't follow the instructions as the written ones on the download were different from the way I wanted to go ahead.  I hemmed the curved sides first, double ¼" hem. Then made the straps and added them to the front along with a facing made by measuring the width of the top plus ½" each side and 3" deep (more generous than the pattern facing). The strap ends are sandwiched in this at the top. At the back the straps were secured by pressing ¼" hem along each side lengths and then pressing 2½" so the side lengths encase the strap ends.  I shortened them by 3". I hemmed the apron with some 2" deep twill tape as the print was just past the herb jars and I didn't want to crop them.  The pockets are lined with denim (same as the facing) scraps left from a Cleo dress.  

I love it! Aprons are a bit like pyjamas, unsung heroes of dressmaking: items that get worn over and over again.  If you make one that floats your boat, you'll be happy every time you wear it.  I'm on half term break here which always means more cooking; my daughter and I like to try out new recipes in the holiday that might take a bit more time and I'll be wearing my new apron. 
I'm also wearing my Maker's Atelier Drawstring Dress and the clogs are here by Lotta From Stockholm.

Japanese Cross-Back Apron Resources


  1. Love your apron and the print you used is just perfect! Thank you for providing all these links to free aprons online. I've never made an apron but I'm sure I will in the future. One sewist blogged about how this is her favourite sewing tool - her apron! She included all sorts of extra pockets in the bib to keep her snips and measuring tape and other things she needs to have handy moving from the machine, table and ironing board.

    1. It is a great item to customise- hanging hook for glasses, clip for keys..

  2. Glad you finally got that apron off your wish list and onto your body! It's really cute and it does look comfortable.


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