Wednesday 10 May 2017

Splendid Sampler Book

The Splendid Sampler started as a 100 block mystery quilt block-along adventure in 2016 with Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson leading the way and inviting 84 designers to contribute blocks inspired by their love of sewing.  The project grew and grew and the Facebook group currently has over 27 000 members.  The blocks were originally free until all 100 had been shared and they were then withdrawn to be published in a book (the bonus blocks remain on the site) and here it is.  I was lucky enough to be one of the contributing designers and it's a very proud moment to flick through this book and be a little part of it alongside so many other amazing quilters.

Part of the Splendid Sampler experience was to try out different techniques and this is reflected in the book, the chapters divide according to the technique.  I thought I'd show you a photo from each of these chapters.

The 'Patchwork Blocks' chapter includes construction diagrams, just like the original shared patterns, alongside the making instructions.

The 'Appliqué Blocks' chapter has written instructions and diagrams where needed and the pattern pieces can be found in a full size pull-out at the back.  There's a mix of needle turn and machine raw edge appliqué.

The 'Foundation-Pieced' chapter, where you can find my First Stitch block, has diagrams, instructions with patterns on the pull-out sheet as before. 

The embroidery chapter has a mix of close-ups and diagrams and the basics for all the different skills are covered in a how-to style chapter at the back.  There's also a gallery of completed quilts showing different setting styles and colour choices. 

The pull-out sheet at the back covers all the templates, patterns and other extras for the various techniques, all full size.

it's generously sized, 11" x 8 ½" approx. with matt finish cover and pages.  I've really enjoyed having  look through; its a joyful, inspiring book, and I'm planning to select some of the blocks I didn't make with the original sew-along and add to my little stack of completed blocks.

A huge congrats to Jane and Pat.  They have both worked tirelessly on this project and remained utterly positive and helpful throughout whilst keeping their usual quilting and design work going including both delivering new fabric lines!  They are two incredibly successful women within the quilting world because of their vision, commitment and sheer hard slog.   I think this project surpassed even their expectations, it had such momentum and that's still ongoing.  You can find all the book details here.  If you missed out first time round, or only got part of the way, there's a second chance to sew-along using the book.  Schedule is due any time! This page has all the details. #thesplendidsampler


  1. Thank you for sharing some of the inside pics and layouts! Love the explanation part of each block from each designer. This was a lot of work, but also a great achievement for all of you who participated!

  2. I looked through the post twice, but didn't find a link to YOUR finished sampler quilt. Must I hunt? I'm joking, but not about your lovely finish!

  3. Congratulations, Kerry. That looks like a wonderful project to be involved with. x


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