Saturday, 7 May 2016

Stitchy Pie: Quickie Make

I saw this cute Stitchy Pie pattern come up in Lucy (Charm About You) Instagram feed a few weeks ago.  It's a needle case where you can categorise and separate your needles.  I am a bit of a needle obsessive, both hand and machine so I knew I had to buy it and make one.   

I used a vintage print for the outside and positioned the fabric so the motifs were displayed to their best when the needle holder is folded.  The inner fabric is a lined  paper style fabric and I used some vintage ready made bias binding that I had in my stash.

I wrote the needle categories using a Pigma Micron pen- these are my favourite hand sewing needles and they are hard to tell apart!  The red stitches were a thicker Aurifil thread (12 wt) with a lighter 50wt thread in the bobbin- I've used this combo a few times and I find they sew nicely together and the thicker thread gives great definition.

It's a lovely pattern to make, quick results - it took an evening to make - everything was already in my stash and my favourite needles are neatly organised.  I've had sore fingers the last few weeks and Elaine @quiltinghermit, put me on to these Dritz silicon needle pulliers- not quite thimbles but they act as lightweight protectors and grips.  They are nifty things and definitely reduce strain!  Very soft and flexible.  The bigger one fits my thumb and the larger one, my index finger and I find them useful for hand sewing binding.  Not good for hot days but otherwise a useful little tool

I know many of you like to know a bit more about hand sewing needles.  Here's what I use mine for and some suggested stockists:

Foxglove Straw #10/11: Piecing blocks. Applique.  The 11 is very fine and is my ultimate preference but the 10 is a bit more robust.
Foxglove Sharps #9:  I've tried a bit of hand quilting with these.   Works well for binding.  Also good for hems and other garment hand sewing.
Tulip Piecing #9:  This is my favourite needle for hand sewing binding.  I find it a bit hard for piecing, I prefer more flexibility in my needle I think and it is also a little punishing on finger tips but I love it for binding. 

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  1. It's a beautiful case! Love those fabrics! Thank you for such a nice review :) I haven't tried any of those needles so will give them a go when I need more.

  2. What a lovely make I think I may have to set to get the pattern and make one myself. My hand sewing needles are all over the place and I never seem to know which is which. Also thank you for sharing the needles you use. I have been looking for more needles mainly for EPP and hand piecing. Best wishes Claire x

  3. I bought those foxgloves on your recommendation. Love them.
    Your new case is perfect.


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