Wednesday, 18 May 2016

How to Make a Quilt: Recollections Quilt

This quilt came about through writing a ten-part series 'How to Make a Quilt' for Sewing Directory.  It's a simple sampler quilt and tutorials for all the blocks, covering techniques from basic nine-patch construction though to foundation paper piecing, basting, binding and a lot more in between.
Recollections Quilt 1

The fabric was provided by Sewing Directory, it's Recollection by Katarina Roccella for Art Gallery Fabrics and it was a departure for me to leave my scrappy approach missing different fabric lines from my stash and instead just use one collection and I really enjoyed it.   The binding is Square Elements, also by Art Gallery.  

Recollections binding

Art Gallery fabrics are a lighter weight than most traditional quilting cottons and have a lovely smooth handle.  Having a quilt which is all Art Gallery cotton, including the backing fabric and the binding is a total luxury.  The feel is amazing!  I used a light batting- Hobbs 80/20 so the lap size quilt is wonderfully floaty. 

Recollections block

The finished quilt is a lap size,  (38" x 51") the blocks are 12" and there is a skinny strip of sashing between each one.  The width means that standard quilting fabric is just large enough to be the backing fabric so you don't have to join pieces together. 

Recollections Quilt 2

Recollections is an apt title for this quilt.  I gave it to my Granny on her recent birthday.  She is suffering with dementia which is creating some very stressful mental health episodes for her in amongst all the other challenges.

Recollections Blocks

She has been away from her home and in hospital this last month.  Her next move will be into a specialist residential care home which breaks my heart but is unavoidable so having a quilt will help add a personal touch on her journey there. To have lived independently for 94 years and then in a very short space of time, lose your independence and not even be able to return to your own home is an incredibly sad state of affairs.  I printed and sewed on a name tag when I created the quilt label- it's a sobering task when it's usually associated with labelling school clothes.  

Recollections Label

It was well received.  The colours are bright, she loves florals and it's a talking point for her visitors too.  The stamp was created with Versacraft ink.  I've used them many times for quilt labels and they last well during washes and daily wear.    You can find all ten of my Making a Quilt series here.   It's suitable for beginners and more experienced quilters may pick up a few extra tips here and there.  Each part shares techniques and a list of resources and links to explore from some of my favourite quilters.  It's Dementia Awareness Week 15th-21st May and you can find out more about dementia here.  At the moment, I feel lucky, I still have some quality conversations with my granny and she definitely knows who I am.  Other aspects of her life and mental wellbeing are a lot more challenging but I focus on where we are now, that's enough. 

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  1. This is beautiful, and I am sure has made your granny very happy too. x

  2. It's a beautiful quilt and I hope it helps your grandma settle into her new home xx

  3. Your quilt is lovely (I agree about AGF, the feel is just gorgeous) and what a poignant story. I'm from Scotland originally and we use the term granny instead of grandma, made me smile to read it on an English blog.

  4. Kerry this is a beautiful quilt and a lovely gift for your Granny, I hope it will bring comfort during this time of transition.

  5. Потрясающе красиво!


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