Monday, 23 May 2016

Beth Studley Blog Hop

I'm taking part in a blog hop to promote a British Designer's fabrics and a new ebook, Mini Patchwork Projects with six small project patterns.  Beth Studley's Radiance fabrics, inspired by antique lace and have just hit the shops.

You can see the other people taking part here and there will be a competition during the blog hop.  Beth is an interesting designer, she has some great little patterns on her website-  I saw Beth's pod pattern on Instagram, bought it and that's how I discovered the rest of her work!  I'll be back to share my makes with Radiance and to give you an idea of her ebook

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  1. I love Beth's work too, she always has a beautiful and very popular stand at FOQ with a great range of patterns - looking forward to seeing her fabric!

  2. The projects are adorable, I'm thinking of maybe working some to add some decor to my classroom


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