Saturday 8 August 2015

Cataloguing Kona Solids

I plan to use a lot of Kona solid fabrics in my Farmers Wife 1930s quilt-along blocks and when I looked at the piles of fat quarters and half yard I had piled in to a drawer I realised I needed a system.  I do have an old Kona card from years back - many new colours have been introduced since then - they are a bit of an investment but there's no denying they are also very useful.  Plush Addict currently have one on offer if you are looking...

Many fabric shops will add an identifying sticker label to solid fabrics which is a great help.   I don't like to leave these on the fabric though for fear of a sticky mark so I write the colour name on the selvedge at both ends using a Pigma Micron fine permanent maker.  When I use the fabric, I try and keep this bit of selvedge attached.

To stop myself buying duplicates, I started a spreadsheet in XL with the official colour name, my own description if needed, how much I had, plus a column at the end to tick if I wanted more.

It makes me feel organised in an otherwise slightly chaotic crafty space!  
Thank you for the amazing response to the #fw1930sqal announcement.  I have a lovely group of guest bloggers who will inspire you with their blocks and share their different skills, techniques and fabric choices.  You do not need to use 1930s style fabrics -  you can use whatever you like!  If you have an a  system for cataloguing your solid fabrics, please share!

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  1. Oh I need to do something like this- end up endlessly referring to the colour chart! I do keep the labels on though if they come with one and have toyed with creating my own and to hell with the stickiness!

  2. I just received my Farmer's quilt book this morning and realized that I would need solids and then thought of my kona fabric collection ;). Great minds think alike. I belong to a kona club and receive 4 new colours every month. Now I am going to start culling . Kona fabrics will finally be used!


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