Sunday, 30 August 2015

Farmer's Wife 1930's Quilt-Along: Errata

If you find an errors in the Farmer's Wife 1930s book either in the book text or on the CD check whether it is listed below and if not, please leave a comment on this post and I will pass the info  on to the author.  She also has a list of known errata here. 

Book Blocks
  • p162 Block 3 Alice #3E cut 2 not 4
  • p224 Block 65 Mother #65F cut 1 not 4

CD Templates
  • Always check the seam allowances around each piece and/or section.  They do vary at times, maybe due to printing discrepancies on PDF files, but they should all be ¼".
  • Laurie Aaron Hird informed me that piece 15a is too small.  She apologies profusely and suggests printing out a block diagram of block 15, Blossom from the CD and use this to make the template.  You will need to seam allowance to this if that's your preference. 
  • Block 3 Alice:  Some of the templates do not have true right angles where they should e.g. 3A, 3C, 3G, 3H.   Laurie Aaron Hird is currently working on the corrections with the publisher although do note that the foundation paper piecing pattern works fine. Find temporary correction templates here.  Download and print from your computer, if you print straight from Googledrive, you may find the print is not the correct size. Wynn of Zakka Art found just this!
  • Block 15 Blossom: publishers are sorting out a download for this which should be available from October 2nd- Laurie will post download here. 
  • Block 26 Daffodil:  the labels on N and I are reversed.  This only affects the templates, the diagram is correct.
  • Block 64 Monette publishers are sorting out a download for this which should be available from October 2nd- Laurie will post download here or email her through her website.
  • Block 66 Mrs Anderson: publishers are sorting out a download for this which should be available from October 2nd- Laurie will post download here or email her through her website.  I redrew the lines that were affected. See this post. 

CD Foundation Paper Piecing patterns
  • Block 2 Aimee: Check the labelling- I've seen one copy of a pattern where the labelling for B was repeated on two sections instead of being labelled C.
  • Block 3 Alice: J2 should be labelled J3 and vice versa;  K2 should be  labelled K3 and vice versa.
  • Block 64 Monette:  Check that the seam allowances are a quarter inch.  I found some came out rather scant- not sure if this is a discrepancy when I print or something that happens to others too.   The sections were top of E, top of H,  top of J,top of K.

CD Rotary Cutting Instructions
  • Block 13 Bella: 13D should be 13C
  • Block 19 Carolina: 19A should be 19C.

Book Quilt Assembly
  • To make the Queen-size quilt you will need 99 blocks not 94.
  • The fabric requirements for the setting fabric seem very generous and book reviews report being able to use a lot less. 


  1. Thank you for corrections. I will add this to my book. Happy Stitching

  2. Just got my book a few days ago and I'm about halfway through reading the letters. It's like a window in time! Thanks for sharing about the errors. I would have just assumed the book instructions were correct when I got around to sewing the blocks!

  3. Hi Kerry last night I tried to make Alice using the templates and EPP, but there is a problem, the centre squares and rectangles all have slightly angled sides so they are not totally squares. I though maybe this was part of the design and forged ahead but once you have to add the kite and triangle shapes nothing works. I have abandoned it for now. Hopefully the author can have a look at it if you forward this to her. Thanks

  4. Becky: paperpiecing either c1 is the wrong width or b and a combine to the wrong width

    1. Hi Sarat, you may need to check your printer settings. I didn't find a problem foundation paper piecing this block and I didn't have any others reported when that block was featured. You can contact Laurie, the book's author, if you have any concerns.


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