Wednesday, 12 August 2015

August at Village Haberdashery

Annie has been busy with a least minute pop-up shop at Festival of Quilts last week but whilst she was hauling her stock to Birmingham and back there has been a stack of new arrivals at Village Haberdashery and there are some amazing colours to seen amongst them!  Annie and Caroline are busy updating their shop inventory festival so if something shows out of stock, check with them as it may just be waiting to be processed!

Let's start with the much awaited Tiger Lily from Heather Ross.  I've been seeing glimpses of this from bloggers who picked up samples via quilt market and there's a few prints I have my eye on!

This is only a selection, at the moment there are a grand total of 21 different prints in stock- only 12 shown in this picture!  I love the colour variety from pale low volume style pastels to the deep grassy green!  There are also three prints on a 54" wide lawn.

Lotta Jansdotter's new Lucky fabrics have just arrived so be prepared for more saturated colour! 

Annie describes them as stash builders, I think of them as jumbo prints as the patterns are on a large scale.  These make me think of the Bella Mountians duvet cover I designed for Annie a few years back.  Mine is still in regular use!  These prints would work beautifully with this pattern!   

Think of these next fabric range as a moment to rest the eyes amidst the blast of colour!  Nature trail is a pretty floral/cute animal mix from Bethan Janine for Dashwood Studios which captures late summer perfectly.  The standout fabric for me is the border print which is perfect for a simple gathered skirt or little girl's dress.  You can see all the other prints here.

This range also works well with a new Cotton+Steel basic, Sprinkle.  This pic came from the shop twitter feed!  See more on Sprinkle later in this post. 

Alison Glass's first Handcrafted fabrics brought a whole new look to batiks and were incredibly popular.  There was even a mini-quilt swap on Instagram featuring only those fabrics!  Handcrafted 2 the sequel has arrived with a repeat of some designs, some new additions a fresh colour selection.  Village Haberdashery is the first shop in the UK to have this range!

This next selection of fabric gives me the biggest smile because at last we all get to buy Karen Lewis's amazing Blueberry Park prints in all their colourful glory.  We will need a little patience as this is a pre-order offer.

If fabric shops can get pre-orders in advance, they can offer more to their customers as they have a guaranteed order to place with the fabric company reps - at least I think this is how it works!  There are 75 different fabrics in this range which is more than most shops have either space or money to stock.  Pre-ordering bundles like these is one way to give customers access to all the prints.  They are on offer too.  A good option if you want to maximise colours is to go in with a friend, buy a bundle each and then cut each fat quarter in half so you have fat eights of everything!

There are ample pretties and bursts of colour with the latest Cotton+Steel collections.  Melody Miller's Picnic has instant appeal with the giant apples and picnic baskets!

Rashida Coleman-Hale's Zephyr range is a quieter mix of colours and prints but they have really grow on me, Annie has a lovely selection here:

The new Cotton+Steel blender print, Sprinkle is a winner and comes in a lively selection of colours

Annie has made a Cotton+Steel new selection video which is a great way to get a sense of print scale and colours. Enjoy!

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  1. Oh Kerry, your post is full of most beautiful fabrics! I would love to have all of these! especially the little animals from Heather Ross! x Teje


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