Monday, 20 July 2015

July at Eternal Maker: Sale time!

Eternal Maker are running a sale until the end of July so I thought it was time to fit my monthly visit in! There's 20% off over 1000 items so it's safe to say there's something for everyone from fabric to patterns.  Here are some of my top picks.  Kona solids are the mainstay of my solid fabric stash and all Kona solids are down to £6.40/metre.  Eternal Maker sells Kona starts at ½ metre units rather than FQs

Essex linens are another basic favourite and the sold colour and yarn dyed versions are all in the sale.   I'm a fan of Bleach White and Orange- a soft coral orange shade.  All Essex linen is available in ¼ metre cuts. 

The Essex yarn dyed linens have a nice drape and can be used for clothing as well as bags, cushions, quilts etc.   That's Nautical on the left and Graphite on the right and there are other lighter colours available too. 

You can see the Nautical in use in this wonderful Stitch Rope Beach Bag project

Oliver+S patterns are part of the sale- click on the images to go to each pattern listing.  

This beautiful Anchor double gauze by Kokka that I featured last month is in the sale, £3.20/1/4m is a great price for double gauze!

 I still have a little piece of this charming Heather Ross Clothes line print from Far Far Away III and on a lovely light cotton/linen blend.

There are a few of her Nursery Versery prints available too.
This pretty floral from Tasha Noel's first fabric line, The Simple Life for Riley Blake is very pretty with its pale pink polka dot background. 

Also available in aqua and a few other prints from the same line like 'Doodles' in red and aqua and this red gingham are all in the sale. 

Alexander Henry fabrics do a retro print so well.  This Paris Paws kitty fabric is only £2.40/FQ until the end of July.

I couldn't resist this blast from the recent past: A Sherbert Pips quilt kit!  Includes all the fabrics need to make the top only with classic early Aneela Hoey designs. 

For those of you who like to use felt- I love it for Christmas decorations,  Woolfelt is included in the sale.

The minimum cut is just 10cm so this is a great time to get all the extra colours you need at the discount price.   From the colour names, these look like National Non Woven felts to me, as used in Alicia Paulson ornament and softie patterns and they are fantastic quality.

I hope you enjoyed my sale selection.  All prices are already discounted so no codes needed, enjoy!

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