Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Little Joys Quilt Along Week Three: Wreath Block

Welcome to those of you following Fat Quarter Shop Little Joys quilt along.  The 'Wreath' or 'Welcome Home block' is the next set of three blocks out of the nine that make up this little quilt.  I added a pink wreath that will go in the centre of my quilt as well as the two green wreaths.  You can find the free pattern schedule and links to the kit here

It's a block constructed in diagonal rows which I will confess I did mess up at one point when I put the final white half square triangles on the darker colours of the block which put the whole block on point and I didn't realise until I trimmed it back!  I salvaged the untrimmed squares and there is ample fabric in the kit to cope with silly errors like this! 

The final block is a little larger than the 101/2 unfinished size that it can be squared off and trimmed to size.  When adding the white half square triangles to the correct corners, I made a centre fold crease on the triangle and the square it is being added to just to keep things easily aligned.

This little quilt is already two thirds done!  See you next Wednesday for the Present blocks!  If you are in the UK or Europe and are looking to buy the Penny Rose 'Little Joys' fabrics designed by Elea Lutz closer to home or want to avoid import charges, you can find them at Pretty Fabrics and Trims

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  2. I will love seeing your finish! The pink is going to bring it in together so pretty

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