Thursday, 30 July 2015

My Small World QAL: Part 4

Lisa from Vintage Modern Quilts is your host for constructing part 4 of My Small World.  She has some very handy tips on templates, seam allowances, appliqué and a whole host of general tips that will improve accuracy and the overall look of your quilt.  She's also being posting on Instagram as @vintagemodernquilts and the hashtag #mysmallworld will show you everyone's progress

I found this quite a straightforward section and whizzed through it quite quickly.  I am trying to repeat some of the fabrics from earlier sections and as ever I try just to concentrate on the block I am doing at any one time whilst keeping an eye on the bigger picture from time to time.  

For the clam shells, I used a mix of freezer paper/starch and tip of an iron to turn over the raw edges- double layer freezer is even better- just iron another layer on top of the paper so that there is still a waxy side underneath and paper side facing you - and Mary Dugan's method of layering and hand sewing the clam shells to a base. I did stubble a little keeping them aligned.  Having pencil lines on the back of the base of the actual size of the finished section helped. 

 I am now prepping for parts 5 and 6 and the finish line is in sight.  Katy Cameron has some excellent ideas on how to deal with the green section in part 5 and save a bit of fabric!

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