Wednesday, 29 July 2015

The Farmer's Wife 1930s Quilt-Along is on!

After some discussion and some very supportive emails, I have decided to go ahead with The Farmer's Wife Quilt-along.  It will be run in a similar spirit to the My Small World QAL, community based, no sponsors but with weekly posts and guest blogger.   There will of course be lots of action on Instagram, hashtag #fw1930sqal.   I've allocated a page here to act as anchor and I'll be blogging every Monday from September for around a year along with a guest blogger hopefully each week so that the pace will be two blocks per week working numerically through the blocks.  

For the blog button, I chose a block from the book called 'Anne.'  I liked the block but I liked the letter even more.  The writer, Ruth, quotes Malcom J McLeod who wrote 'The Culture of Simplicity' and the words resonated with me.

'Live Simply; exact little; give much; sing often; pray always.'

 I am not religious, 'prayer' translates to 'hope' for me but as a maxim for life, these words are hard to beat.  The button in available couple of sizes and you are welcome to grab the larger image above  too.  Here is the 200px size.  To use, copy the html code in the grey box and paste into the gadget option on your blog - chose the html gadget option.  This will give you a picture that when clicked, links to the quilt along page.


This is the 125 px size.  

You can find the images on Flickr too: 400px200px and 125 px.  
As mentioned in my review of Laurie's book, there is another sew-along being organised by Gnome Angel (Angie) Marti Mitchell and The Fat Quarter Shop, plus 25 blogger contributors.  This is not an either/or situation, you can take part in one, the other or both.   Angie will be announcing hers formally on 3rd August.

My plan is for this quilt-along to grow organically.  I already have some guest bloggers lined up and I am contacting all who have been in touch so far.  If you are interested, drop me a line- my email is in the right menu bar and I'll send you the info!  I am feeling much happier now I know I am going ahead with my original plan!  

Care to join me?  You'll need a copy of the book- it should look like this.  It was released in June 2015.

 and some fabric- I'm guessing you've got the last one licked already!

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  1. That quiltalong page link links to the culture of simplicity book on amazon.

  2. So for this QAL are we all to make the blocks in 1930s fabrics, or anything goes? I got The Farmer's Wife book for Christmas and I really enjoyed reading all of those letters from the women who wrote in to the magazine (or was it a newspaper?) about their lives in rural America. I think I might just jump on board with this one. Because what's one more WIP in the grand scheme of things, right?

  3. I loved the Pony club book but admittedly got sidetracked actually making the blocks! A QAL should help keep me on track with this one so I'd love to join in :D

  4. I'm in - just ordered the book, now just need to sort through and fondle my 1930's fabrics 👏🏻

  5. Hi Kerry, it says that downloading of photos has been disabled on this page: Just tried to download so I could make a button on my blog.

    1. Flickr has made everything such a nightmare to use- I am not sure I can change the settings but I will look. Alternatively, copy the html code and use that. Or, copy the image at the size you want, paste into your menu bar and edit the link to go to this page:

  6. Kerry, I've just finished the FW quilt (took those final photos yesterday). I'd be interested in doing guest post(s) if that would be of interest.

  7. That works are you using? I'm excited to start!

  8. Want to join the fun, ordering book today!

  9. Book is ordered, fabric has been with me for some time :)

  10. I am so anxious to make this quilt, and very happy to join in! Book is ordered and on its way!


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