Monday, 22 June 2015

June at Plush Addict

There are  lots of fresh arrivals at Plush Addict this month to peruse starting with this illustrative style range from Makower called Sherwood.  Its a subtle collection of drawing style prints with a soft forest colour palette. 

Stand out prints include 'Scenic' which comes in orange, green and grey.

I also like the 'Outline' design, in green and orange.

The grey plaid is my favourite blender from this range, also available in green.

I have already started buying some of Jen Kingwell's Gardenvale collection.  It's on eof those ranges that everyone seems to be stocking a few prints from so you may have to chase around various online shops to source more designs in the UK.  I bought these prints from Plush Addict ( I may have to return for more!).

I will be adding scraps of these to My Small World quilt and there are more.  The cheater print- Carnevale Metro Dots Lucy- is great value with it's wide stripes of different prints running down the fabric.

Cultivate by Bonnie Christine for Art Gallery has just arrived and there is a six print bundle option.  I like the top print, Thrive in Apricot the best and it is also available as a voile in a different colour way, Thrive in Passiflora Voile.

For dressmakers, there are some outstanding high quality fabrics that Kellie mentioned to me as something rather special.  This one in particular was too good to miss- three metres is currently awaiting prewash and cutting out to become a beautiful robe!  Spun Viscose, Large Floral in Brown

I did not know what spun viscose was and whilst I like wearing viscose as it tends to be very drapey, I am not usually keen to sew with it as viscose fabrics can be slippery to sew.  This is not like that at all, it is more like a featherweight floaty cotton, the lightest lawn.  It has a matt finish like cotton lawn but it has a silkier touch. It is like rayon but not as heavy- lightness is key to this fabric!  

For a long summery maxi skirt or dress it would need lining or a slip underneath as it has a slight sheerness to it.  I love purple and yellow together and I am a fan of brown so all boxes ticked for me and when Kellie and I shared some emails discussing this print- I think it was originally used for the Karen Millen label- we both thought of long beautiful dressing robes like this, Vogue V9015:
Or this, Vogue V8888 which I bought in a sale a while ago- I am planning to make this option, a full length robe and maybe some shorts if I can squeeze them out of the fabric.  It is wide so here's hoping
Vogue patterns are at the higher price end but they both include a lot of styles and variations for your money and for this fabric I think it will be worth it!
Also in the dressmaking newer arrivals is this beautiful blue linen- this a swatch piece.

It's a chambray weave so the vertical threads are blue and the horizontal threads are white and it's a shirting weight so perfect for tops and men's shirts and it is stable enough to be able to sew run and fell seams or top stitch pockets and add details to a classic shirt shape.  It is a light and cool to wear linen and if you wanted to make a shirt dress, you would need to consider some lining on the lower half as you can see through it a little.
If you ever have a question about any of the fabrics at Plush Addict, especially what you would use them for, do ask Kellie.  All contact details including phone can be found here and she is quick to respond and really knows her fabrics well.

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