Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Me-Made-May 2015: Review

 A quick photographic summary of Me-Made-May-15.  I posted pics most days and these are most of them.

The weather tended to be cool so my long sleeved clothing saw a lot of wear and there weren't many days warm enough to bare skin.  I did sew a lot of clothing and I am currently working on a new dress based on Merchant and Mills Factory Dress but with changes.  The selfies were a pain but following the hashtag #mmmay15 brought new patterns to my attention and more talented sewists to follow.  Separates saw the most wear, which was no surprise and I need to continue adding to the jersey/stretch section of my wardrobe including yoga/sweat pants as they see a lot of wear.  Pyjamas are probably my most worn garment!  Thankyou Zoe for hosting, you can read her concluding post and thoughts here.  It is always a pleasure to take part and a delight to focus on clothing for much of May.  I didn't get to try out my Butterick pattern as commitments stacked up but hey, summer is not even here yet, loads of time! 
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  1. What is the second pattern in? The blue dress... simply lovely!

  2. I loved watching all the outfits you made. I'm so inspired to make some of my own :)

  3. Oh my ~ you've been busy and have lots of new clothing ~ lovely!

  4. Looks like you had a gorgeous month!


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