Tuesday, 17 March 2015

March at Village Haberdashery

There is never a shortage of things to write about in my visits to Village Haberdashery, Annie always has new stock arriving!
The first thing that grabbed my attention was the new Hello Bear  collection by Bonnie Christine for Art Gallery Fabrics.

From the look book imagery, this is heavily aimed at young children as well as quilts but to me, the fabrics- the knits in particular are great for adults too.  Great colours- easy to wear and the patterns offer a mix of the pastel calm of Firefly in Sign, the bolder Buck Forest in Mist and my personal favourite Adventure in Springs.  Art Gallery knits seem to get better with each collection.

They are a cotton spandex blend so have great spring back when worn- no baggy bottoms or elbows- and they seem to wash better than they used to.  The Jungle Avenue black dot that I used a while back faded quickly but subsequent prints like Cottagely Posy have washed really well.  You can also build a bundle in all the quilt prints seen in the Look Book:

One option for the Art Gallery knits could be the new Sewaholic Davie knit dress pattern,

From the Art Gallery knits, these three fabrics would all work well.  From the top:
Geometric Bliss Knit- Spherical buds in Aqua, the very beautiful Petal and Plume- Panache in Portfolio (that's a lot of alliteration!), and finally Katy Jones' Priory Square- Cottagely Posy.
Another recently arrived dress pattern is the By Hand London Sophia dress.  
This dress offers a floaty flared godet skirt or a sleek pencil style option as well as interesting dart placement and a collar option.  For fabrics, I have a few suggestions which may depend on your budget and the style that you opt for. 

Enormous blue tulips voile- good for the godet option.  The skirt takes lots of fabric so the lower price point helps cushion the wallet.
Dear Stella Ludlow collection which is a shirting weight cotton so I imagine it would need lining for the sheath option and the bodice.  I've been waiting ages to see this collection in the UK, I think I first saw it online last summer and it feels like it's taken forever to get here!  I think this print, Rosebuds in Navy is my favourite:

It's also suitable for quilting, read more about it here.
You know my weakness for chambray and yarn dyed fabrics, especially for garments- my wardrobe is full of various shades of indigo and grey!  The Manchester yarn dyed fabrics by Robert Kaufman are a new arrival and look like a great transition fabric with a little more weight than the floatier chambrays.  I like Marine best but Steel is a very pretty grey too.

Enjoy looking at the new arrivals.  I am planning for spring but I have a couple of Linden sweatshirts to sew up first whilst the weather is still on the cool side.

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