Thursday, 19 March 2015

Spring Fever Pattern Set

Penny and I have a new pattern set available from today at Sew-Ichigo.  'Spring Fever'  features blooms and birds and the designs are available in one big set or as single patterns.

 When we design pattern sets for Sew-Ichigo, we like to offer a range of options- both in designs and complexity.  The easiest pattern in this set is TulipsX2.  There are two variations and the short tulip is a great beginner foundation piecing pattern.  Penny is making a gorgeous mini quilt using the tulips in combination with the hovering birds.  All the bird blocks are 6 inch square and the tulips are 4 x 6 inches so they work together easily.

We couldn't resist a little chick with Easter so close.  The 'Hello Chick' design was made very much with children in mind and would be perfect for a little drawstring bag or a fabric basket for Easter egg hunts.  It is sewn in three sections and is suitable for a beginner with a little foundation piecing experience. 

The 'Flighty' patterns are a pair of hovering bird blocks were inspired by origami designs.  I wanted to include birds from different countries and Penny has sent me many pictures of humming birds who visit a feeder at the back of her house.  They are a fascinating bird and seem rather exotic- no Hummingbirds in the UK!   Hummingbirds come in lots of vibrant colours so there is a lot of potential for combining prints and colours in this block.

I chose a chaffinch for this block because it is a common bird in the UK and hovers in flight.  These colours are for the male.  You could easily adapt this block for other birds and either leave out the areas shown in brown or use other colours. 

I love this swan, 'Dawlie', that Penny designed.  I live in Devon and a nearby town, Dawlish is famous for its black swans, hence the name!  

We have some more patterns coming very soon in an exciting collaboration.  More news soon!

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  1. Oh I really need to learn how to make quilt blocks like this. I love the designs x

  2. What a great patterns! I adore them all:)

  3. They are all so darling! These are a 'I must sew them all' thing!
    Off to purchase!

  4. After an endless winter where I live, these patterns really give me hope for spring. The chaffinch and hummingbird are so vibrant, I can't wait to give them a try. But I think I'll start with the chick -- it's so sweet. Well done!


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