Sunday, 16 November 2014

Go Read: Spot the Difference

The blog is not dead, in fact, some of the most intelligent discussions about the sewing world that I have read for a long time are taking place right now.  Instagram is great for eye candy and quick flick through whilst you eat your brekkie but you can't beat the space that blogs give to expand an idea and investigate further.  You may already have read Abby Glassenberg's  recent post, 'An Inside Look at How Much Fabric Designer's Earn'.  If you haven't, go read it now, its an eye opener.  I knew some of this but not so explicitly.  Anna at Eternal Maker has written a fascinating and equally eye popping post from the perspective of the conscientious fabric shop owner on copying in fabric design.

Anna's picture from her blog post

She knows I am sharing this here and wants as many people to read this as possible.
The photo above is Anna's.  Go look!  It makes for thoughtful reading and props (as the kidz say) to her for writing it.

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  1. I am so with you! I am still a blog reader and will now do so with the linked pages!

  2. Hi Kerry! I do hope blogging continues as it has been - I love it and even IG is fun is not the same at all. x Teje

  3. I am pretty sure I don't even know how to link onto instagram.
    Making a quilt or handcrafting anything is not an instant gratification.
    The sharing of new ideas and projects and thoughts and insights should not be instant either.

  4. Thanks for sharing these blogposts, they're eyeopeners!

  5. Thanks for sharing the links, and you are so right, blogging is definitely not dead!

  6. I love reading blogs of all types and I am so happy so many creative talented people are willing to share what they know with all of us in the world. So a big Thank you to all bloggers that take the time to write and photograph and highlight topics and share their knowledge and creativity.

  7. I am figuring out Instagram witht the help of my 17-yr-old niece.
    For people who like to write, blogging is still there.

  8. Read that Eternal Maker post. Shocking stuff really. I just wish she could give us some tips on how to make sure we never buy any of it though!

  9. Very interesting articles both of them. I was looking for Kaffe Fasset fabric for a Dear Jane quilt I'm making and I think there are also fakes in some shops (different quality, etc) I'll try to take a look at the selvages looking for information before buying going forward! Problem is when you buy online as you cannot see the details :( - anyway as I'm based in Dublin I have to buy online as not a huge range locally.


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