Sunday, 23 November 2014


Thankyou for all the comments, thoughts and options that came from my Money, Money, Money post. They made for interesting reading.  Many commenters mentioned areas where they had particular experience and expertise, raising new points to consider and giving us all more to think about.  I feel  I will go into next year with a more informed foundation to choose what I work on, paid and unpaid. 

Meanwhile, Christmas makes are already afoot.  I have had requests for home made presents this year from three family members, plus I have friends to make for and some decor to sew up.  Karen had some new advent calendar kits on sale on Instagram and I couldn't resist the vintage fabric/number typography combo.  I sprayed all the fabrics liberally with non aerosol starch as vintage fabrics tend to be rather floppy and used a stiff unused vintage pillow case to give it extra stability.

I used my Janome blind hem foot to whiz round the pockets.  It is a great foot when you need to do a consistent top stitch ⅛" from the fabric edge, very handy on pockets. 
Black Friday is this week, keep a look out for a special Sew-Ichigo discount that may well be coming up on Thursday! 
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