Thursday, 27 November 2014

Black Friday Sew-Ichigo discount!

A black friday sale awaits you at Sew-Ichigo! There is a 25% off all patterns in the blog shop, Craftsy and Etsy shops. 

There will be changes starting in January to what we sell, where and pricing may rise at some point to take account on new EU legislation that effects all digital sales to the EU no matter where the seller is based- see here and here for more info.  We don't know exactly what the full impact will be but we hope to still be selling to everyone everywhere as soon as we can.  Our guess is it will take a little while to get everything into place so this is a great time to take advantage of our annual Black Friday discount and this one is even bigger than last years!
Obvious choices are the Sew Very Christmas pattern selection:

Or the best selling, Kitchen Classics:

Don't forget the very handy Latte to Go with the free gift card holder tutorial:

And the ever useful Strawberry-Ichigo

The price has been discounted for you on Etsy and Craftsy.  To get your 25% discount in our Sew-Ichigo shop, use blackfriday as your code!  See our tutorial page for lots of free links to make bags, mini quilts and more with our block patterns!  Discount runs from Thursday to Sunday inclusive.
You can also find 25% discount for my Winter Woolies and Candy Cane Love patterns over on Etsy- the discount has already been calculated for you!

Happy thanksgiving to all USA readers.  A holiday where you celebrate how thankful you are for what you have always sounds very appealing to me.

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  1. Great paper pieced patterns!
    Happy thanksgiving!
    I'm running a fabric giveaway, would you like to enter?


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