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September at Village Haberdashery

I've just about got time in September for a sneaky visit to Village Haberdashery where Annie has rather mysteriously managed a world exclusive by being the first shop worldwide to secure the delivery of Carolyn Friedlander's newest collection, Doe.

It was all down to a chance meeting at with a fabric rep!  So Village Haberdashery has the whole collection months before it arrives in USA- that never happens!  Stand out prints include
Lined Dots in Carrot- this looks to be the accent colour in the collection:

And I am pretty keen on this print, Lined Field in Sage.

And this one, bias check in colour options, Blue and Sky and Meringue.


Is is a low key, understated collection.  Lots of sketchy, soft geometrics in gorgeous colours.  I  was having a conversation with Jo from A Life in Lists  a few weeks back ( we live within relatively easy travelling distance) and we were saying how Carolyn's collections have totally changed blender and background fabrics and made them so much more desirable, thoughtful and exciting!   Annie has put a Kona build a bundle selection together to co-ordinate with Doe. And you can build your Doe prints bundle here.

There are Carolyn Friedlander quilt patterns available in the shop too- this one caught my eye, 'Focal':

A few weeks back I ordered a Figure Eight Scarf kit from Annie which featured Kim Kight's Home Body Window Vine print in silky lawn from Cotton and Steel paired with Roberty Kaufman Cambridge Lawn in Mango.  The aqua bobble trim can be found here.  The tutorial to make it is here- my only change was to use a zipper foot to manage the bulk of the bobble trim.


This is the result- modelled by my daughter. A soft, silky very wearable scarf!  I have a lot of blue and a growing quantity of coral colours in my wardrobe so it is perfect for when the summer finally leaves and the cooler weather kicks in.  These kits need a bit of prep as the fabric is cut down the length rather than across the width so click on the link to sign up for a stock notification or email Annie so that she knows more kits are required!

Now let's talk a dressmaking favourite, Chambray!  I have a big stock of chambray in my wardrobe and dressmaking fabrics, but there's always room for more!  This time, spotty dotty reversible chambray:

You can see the right side more clearly here (it looks a little brown in the photo above, I suspect the photo below is more representative). 

It is a lightweight but a little heavier than the floaty Chambray Union fabrics which are a little see through when used as a single layer.  I suspect these reversible chambrays would make great shirts, shirt dresses and gathered skirts as well as kids clothes and even quilts.
These are some of the available Chambray Union fabrics, Slub chambray in Indigo:

This fabric is beautifully shown off in the Lisette Traveller Dress made by Zoe Edwards for Annie's window and a class in November that she is teaching on how to make the dress at Village Haberdashery.

I suspect that this Green Bee 'Dylan' children's pattern would work in a selection of the chambray fabrics.

Chambray dot (not reversible) is back in stock.  Not the easiest fabric to sew with but floaty and washes and wears beautifully.  I made an Alder dress in this fabric and it was my most worn summer garment! 

I know for some, a change into the cooler seasons brings out tapestry and needle point.  I used to do a lot of tapestry- crewel wool and canvas to make cushions.  I love the Emily Peacock kits- huge choice but these two were calling me, Mexican Heart and Tree of Life- simple and vibrant:

 Wow, those colours really sing and make my eyes very happy!  Enjoy x

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