Thursday, 25 September 2014

September at Seamstar-

For my September visit to Seamstar I am going to use one of the website features to take a colour  journey through the shop linking one fabric to the next link.  I am using the Find Similar Fabrics by Colour: links
I was drawn to the Dashwood Prairie prints to start my journey.  Starting with Prairie Spirals by Rebecca Stoner.

Which looks like it would play very nicely with, Monaluna  Marin Poppies.

Which takes me to Enchant, Birdies in Celery

The grey in this print lead me on to this Studio E Robots Print

And then on to a favourite, Lecien Sunbonnet Sue Cross Stitch Alphabet (which is on offer too!)

The grass green took me on to Hello Tokyo Flowers,

And on to the autumnal Norwegian Woods Mushrooms

Next, to the very pink elephants, Ann Kelle's Zoologie

And ending with this incredibly cute Timeless Treasures Yeah Sushi print- haven't ever noticed this one before!

There are lots of handy link tools- collection, colour, group which make some lively and fun fabric combinations rather than just buying from the same range.   There is also an ideas page to inspire you with lots of links to free patterns and projects.   Enjoy the journey!

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  1. The 'find similar colours' feature looks impressively useful!

  2. This is like 6 degrees of separation for fabrics :oD


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