Sunday, 7 September 2014

Betsy Alder Shirt Dress

This is my second Alder shirt dress and this time I cut into a long length of Liberty that I've been storing for a while- the classic Betsy print in aqua that I found for a bargain price on ebay.  This is a tail end of summer dress, by the end of September it will have to wait for next year to come out and play!

I tweaked the pattern a little.  My previous Alder dress details can be found here.  On this one I retraced the bodice pattern to make it size 4 with size 2 at the waist, same small bust adjustment and raising of bust dart.  This made the collar a little bigger than my last version so I can wear it fully buttoned if I want and made the armholes slightly looser.

I used the Cami dress pattern for the pockets as they were a  little smaller than the Darling Ranges pattern pieces and it works a little better.

I used Oakshott Impressions/Elements scraps for the collar stand facing, pocket, yoke facing and bias hem.

As the weather is not quite up to high summer temperatures, I've been wearing this dress with my Butterick 6031 Slip.  I added pearl snaps just like on the last dress and I am going to add a 'how to' tutorial post after I've written this.  I use Prym pliers and they have been the only way I've been able to successfully and consistently attach snaps. 

You can find the Alder shirt dress pattern here as a PDF and the sew along details here.   I am considering a maxi version for winter- I loathe tights and am not keen on leggings so cold weather means knee socks and maxi skirts and dresses, but for now I am enjoying September sun and bare feet. The clogs are swedish and were a thrift shop score- lucky me!

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  1. I think 'Betsy's might be my favorite of the liberty prints.

  2. That's adorable Kerry - I love it. The little details are very pleasing - and it looks like a great fit.

  3. Very nice :o) It suddenly got warmer again up here, maybe it'll find its way down to you soon

  4. Looks fantastic! Long live liberty. Xx

  5. Darling dress! You inspire me!


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