Monday, 22 September 2014

Last of the summer wardrobe

The extended summer has been a joy here and some summer clothes that I made towards the end of August are still seeing lots of wear,  These are both patterns that I've made before, stalwarts if you like, where I have perfected the fit or style to just how I want it.  

Starting with the Belcarra, made like this one and this one.   I used a metre of Nani Iro double gauze Pon Pocho in cream peach.  I did have to do some creative cutting to squeeze it out of such a short length and make the most of the pattern. 

The only change was that I sewed the raglan seams down around ¼" either side of the seam line and I made the sleeve cuff slightly bigger along the long edge and it attaches just that little bit more easily. 

I have made three Belcarra's- and considering it was a pattern that I wasn't especially taken with on first glance, it has been the perfect summer top and uses such a small amount of fabric.  It is especially good to use with an expensive fabric that you can't afford to buy a lot of!

The skirt is my second version of Grains De Couture Opale Maxi from this book.   I made the pockets slightly deeper and did a different zig zag of stitching to hold the front pleats.  The fabric is Oakshott Seasons shot cotton in pink early rose and is currently on sale at Oakshott.  It is the same weight as the Colourshott fabrics and needs a good prewash as some of the colour will be lost on the first couple of washes.  The piping was a scrap of Elements in a very pale pink.  I made my piping using a little fusible hem web rather than sewing it together- I saw this tip somewhere ages ago, makes it all come together a little faster!

Instead of my usual helper, Mindy came in for a few photos.  She is generally pretty camera shy and a bit of an old lady at fifteen, but age has made her increasingly mellow and she still has a kittenish side.

I'm hoping to get a dress sewn by Saturday to wear at the next local sewing meet up, something with a hint of Autumn ...
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  1. What a great piping tip. I've never seen this way.
    Love this style on you - it works wonderfully.

  2. Sweet skirt and top!
    I've been inspired by all your sewing! I've been looking for a pair of pants without stretchy stuff in the fabric and I can not find any anywhere! I'm taking a class at Modern Domestic to learn to make my own custom trousers! I can see this turning into lots of fun clothes! I never did like having the same things everyone else has ~ great to be unique!

  3. Hmm. You do inspire with your clothing - they are so professional looking! My "wanna-try" for this winter was knitting my own socks. Well I'm on my third pair so I've got that box ticked and am now wondering about dressmaking. My first since I made my prom dress in 6th year! My style doesn't lend itself to skirts and tops though, I am very much a jeans and slogan tee girl. A jersey tunic maybe? Coz I cannot find just the right thing....


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