Wednesday, 17 September 2014

September at Eternal Maker

A slight variation for my September visit to Eternal Maker- this post is all about a limited time offer.  They are selling Elizabeth Hartman's (Oh Fransson!) patterns:  Fancy Fox, 

Preppy the Whale,  

Hazel Hedgehog

and Pointy arrow.

All at £10.95 each with free postage until Sunday 21st September.   To order, you will need to email and they will send you a paypal invoice. These patterns are all constructed through basic patchwork construction- use of half square triangles, corner squares etc rather than foundation piecing or templates.
Eternal Maker have put together some fat eighth tonal bundles to go with these patterns- again I think you need to email for these, I couldn't spot them on the website.  They are £16 a bundle and available in Red, Purple, Green, Yellow, Cream, Pale Pink, Bright Pink, Black/White and Orange.

And a generous selection of neutrals and basics for backgrounds from Essex linens pictured below, 

Peppered Cottons which are a shot/ two tone cotton. 

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  1. I loooove the hazel hedgehog!

  2. I love all these patterns! They really do look like what they're supposed to be!

  3. I'm hoping that the hedgehogs pattern will go with my niece's new bedroom - she needs a big girl quilt to go with her big girl bed and I need to make a few dozen hedgehogs!


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