Monday, 15 July 2013

FQ Retreat

Less than a week away, a weather forecast which is hot, hot, hot and there is still prep to do- but I am getting very excited about this again.  I will be teaching PJ pants on Friday afternoon...
I am bringing 3 pairs with me if anyone needs to try some on for sizing (I have XS and S).  On Saturday morning it is all about colour and fabrics with a couple of Fantasy Fabric Shop table top sessions- all about value, contrast, colour and different techniques to combine fabrics- all hands on for this class.   Pictured are Liberty lawns from Jo who is offering orders without postage to those coming to retreat code FQR13 and Oakshott impressions- Oakshott can also bring orders made by Wednesday to retreat with the code FQRLONDON.  For both these shops, orders must be made by Wednesday.
For more fabric Fat Quarterly fabric offers check this discussion for shops/codes/discounts..

And then my teaching is done and I am looking forward to Mandy's needleturn and Trudi's quilt doodle sessions.  My handmade wardrobe is nearly ready- the very hot weather is leading me to make my Colette Hawthorn dress early leading to a lot of sewing in a vest and little else- I was testing the bodice yesterday , first with Swedish tracing paper which is soft and easy to manipulate and washi tape to make a small bust adjustment using the Colette sew along...tutorial.
then a test run using some rather loud fabric which photographs much better than it appears in reality!
 My plan is to wear this on Friday- Deer and Doe Bleuet (Melody Miller  fabric) as it is cool for travelling on the train and easy to recognise.
And this one will be worn at some point...
But more than anything, I am looking forward to meeting fabric and sewing obsessives and having a weekend of chat and stitching.   Some of you are travelling from so far (Krista, I am thinking specifically of you) and I can't wait to see you all!  If you haven't met me before I am fairly shy and quiet but chatty once I get going, serious but also silly, and the usual mix of contradictions- my wardrobe is more confident than I am.   I am hoping to pace myself a little better next year so that I can socialise in the evening at least a little- last year my eyes were drooping by early evening!  I can't wait to see you all!  To see who else is going click here.
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  1. Can't wait to meet you - that reminds me need to find a bed sheet and tape my pattern together! I've decided it's not likely I'll get the sizing right first time so should save the good fabric for attempt two!?

  2. Can't wait to finally meet you Kerry and you're fabulous wardrobe! Have a great trip up and see you on Friday :) x

  3. So sad I'm not going this year, Kerry, it would have been lovely to see you again, along with all the other people I didn't get to spend enough time with! Have a fabulous time!

  4. Very excited, just a few days to go now! Looking forward to meeting you! :)

  5. I'm not in any of your classes Kerry but I'll be sure to come and say hello!

  6. Oh how I wish I could join in!

  7. Thank you for getting Laura's there for us to try on too, for those of us with the, err, more generously proportioned posteriors ;o) It was a great class, thank you, and sorry I didn't actually finish them!

  8. 1) Great Scott, you are about the size of my pinky finger 2) that dress looks delightful on you! Essspecially love it in the Melody Miller print. Fabulous!


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