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Fat Quarterly Retreat: Classes

Later than planned with this post but I have been gathering pics together from different sources and to be honest feeling a bit flat and tired after the elation of last weekend.  On Friday afternoon I taught a PJ pants class.  Ably assisted by Trudi ( I was so grateful Trud!) we got our group of keen dress makers pattern tracing, altering, cutting and adding extras to a basic pyjama pants pattern.  Some were making pjs for themselves, others for lucky husbands and partners.
The big tables in the upstair corridor were perfect for tracing the large pattern piece.
Nicole had chosen the prettiest floral fabric for her PJ pants.
Hard at work, Moria, Shevvy, Gina- about to try on- an essential part of the class!  Pennie almost finished hers in the 3 hour class and many people got to the final heming stages that could be finished at home.
I loved teaching this class.  It was calm and funny.  Rachael made me laugh by giggling everytime I said crotch which was often.  There were lots of different skills being mastered from pattern tracing (Jan brought Burda paper along for this which is tissue style paper,very light, available here and a cheaper option if you don't' want to invest in Swedish paper), size alterations- lengthening/shortening/grading sizes, making a muslin so the next pair will be just right, using tricky fabrics like voile and corduroy.  So many different pairs! Catherine finished these when she returned home to take away on holiday straightaway.
Sonia completed hers with hand finished hems.
I was so proud at what everyone accomplished and I'll be back with more dressmaking next year at retreat, maybe something a bit more boudoir themed!
On Saturday morning I taught two shorter tabletop classes back to back.  These had an early 9.00am start but the sight of 100s of fat quarters all supplied by Annie at Village Haberdashery circling our table compensation!  These photos were taken by Sarah of Quilt Candy.  My handy Aeroplane bag is in the centre of the table- I used this all the time, perfect generous size for class supplies!
We covered a lot in a short space of time.  A little colour theory and a lot about value and contrast.  The  last 30 mins of the class were about picking bundles and moving away from their usual comfort zone of colours and patterns and into something a little riskier.  Some chose to buy their bundles too and the wonders of technology when I could photo them, send straight to Annie, she printed out the pic and made up the orders that evening in the quilt market!  
 Here are some of the bundles:  By Lizzie, this fresh citron/aqua collection
 By Sarah: A lovely neutral ice cream collection that Annie put together 2 of and sold another as it was such a pretty selection. Includes Glimma, amongst others.
 Love this election from Jo and it represents some very popular ranges- Pearl Bracelets was picked out so many times for its colour an simple geometric motif that works as a great supporting fabric to the busier aqua pattern.  The Architextures cross hatches provide instant texture effect, Jo chose grey and tangerine, and the Michael miller Stitch ( here in red) was a another great modern blender
I liked this bundle for the range of scale and consistnecy of colour whilst using several fabric ranges. Stof beaded wave was popular with many, as were many of the Stof fabrics, the Indian summer prints at a little cuteness and Pearl Bracelets support again!
A beautiful selection of voile and double gauze- you need to touch these to feel the full benefit.
 A graphic, mark making selection- nice and bold.   The Modern Home Herringbone print ( far left) have such a great naive hand drawn quality against the perfect neat and ordered symmetry of the circles (Micromod in teal)
 A lot of story telling in this bundle with figurative prints- Stof Uno Raindrops was a very popular fabric, as seen here in lemon and Glimma trees, also much chosen.
 This print was generally popular by itself and with others, Sevenberry Miniature Cats and Dogsand the animals are really tiny!
This was an opulent bundle with a real mix of ranges, Stitch Floral,  Micromod, Tsuru, and others
Bold, graphic and a little bird imagery in this blue themed subtle boy bundle- the Blythe Combed Chevrons in Park add a pop of colour, the Maman nursery motif in blue is a cute touch
If you see any fabric here that you like, do get in touch with Annie- there were a few that were the last of the line but there are many others, including great blenders and basics that she has plenty of in stock. The tabletop sessions were a new addition and they offer a lot of potential in teaching.  We had really interesting discussions about colour in both groups and it is always fascinating to see the variety choice and preference.  
PJ Class at the end That wraps up retreat for another year, thanks to Jan for this photo from the end of the PJ session.  Back  for more 2014...
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  1. I look a little doubtful in that photo but I really loved the PJ class! Are we making knickers next year maybe? mmm? :) The fabric class looks wonderful too.

  2. It was a brilliant class! Thanks for having me to help :). Wish I could have taken your tabletop session, I may have thought I'd died and gone to heaven! Let me know your plans for next year so I can get some practice sessions in :) x

  3. Oh good grief, if you get more boudoir Rachael will never stop giggling ;o)

    It was a fun class, and I'm determined to finish my jammy bottoms soon now I've got all my obligation sewing for the month done (and yes, I'm aware there's only 3 days of the month left ;o) )

  4. Yay, I snapped up the neutral ice cream selection and just love it!!

  5. So want to do one of your dressmaking classes although intrigued by the boudoir theme! Lovely bundles too *sigh*

  6. Looks like great fun! Love all the fabric.... the fox & the animal one are my fave :) x

  7. Aww... Love everyone's fabric. The fabric table is so pretty.... I can just sit there and awww over them. Also happy you had great class.

  8. I really love Jo's fabric pick... Really lovely...

  9. I loved the look of all the fabrics on the table. Think I will make some

  10. That was supposed to say some..pj pants!

  11. The pj class looked good, wish I'd taken part now! And lovely to see more of the fabric stacks, it was so fascinating seeing the selections other people put together.

  12. I got so much out of your PJ class not least of which is the confidence to have a go and not be afraid of tinkering with patterns or doing a mock up or three, before I cut into lovely fabric. I had lunch with a lady who did your fantasy fabric shop and she was raving about how brilliant it was and helpful it was to her.

  13. It was such a fun class Kerry! I was just a little bit gutted to miss out on the fantasy fabric shop as that looked so fun as well. And I may have had secret thoughts about trying to nab your Deer & Doe Datura top......its just gorgeous!!!


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