Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Eternal Maker: Vintage Style fabrics

To know me is to know that I love vintage fabric.  Unfortunately, in the UK, decent vintage fabrics suitable for quilting or dressmaking are pretty thin on the ground and the ones that are around are pricey.  So, I turn to repros and feedsack style fabrics and Eternal Maker has some gems tucked away in its masses of fabrics!  
There are a lot of yellow prints, starting off with this beauty from Sara Morgan for Blue Hill Fabrics.  There is a tiny hourglass motif for the background.
And another Sara Morgan print, Yellow Vintage Flowers, with a sketchy lattice effect
American Jane at Moda always produce great vintage style prints, I have this yellow and blue vintage flower print and I love it.  This cut is a bolt end so when it's gone it's gone.
This is the same print in a different colour way, a fresher, zestier look.
I don't know much about Antique Treasures apart from, as the name suggests, they produce repro feedsack style prints. This is a vibrant blue floral
Which makes me think about this blue Windham Strawberry picnic plaid.
Great colours in this Pink Crosshatch Floral and a bargain price.
Similar 1930s colours in this Timeless Treasures floral, Anna-Lena Flower Garden
And also in another Sara Morgan floral print- I love orange and pink together
Sevenberry don't seem to produce a lot of fabrics in any of their ranges but what they do put out tends to be stunning, like this mustard/grey floral.
Lecien produce lots of prints with a vintage feel.  The Mrs March range always contains some beauties including novelty prints like this teal alphabet kids parade
Find more Mrs March fabrics here.
The Folklore range at Lecien has a more recent vintage feel, bolder colours and more European in reference like this red vine floral.
And this border print in teal and pink- perfect for clothing, little girl's dresses/skirts- or even full size 
There is a black version here and a cream alternative here.
This Lecien print takes me to thoughts of 1970s fabrics, the flowers are big and red and tan has a truly retro feel.
And a few vintage style mixers to go with all those prints:
Dot to Dot School Days by American Jane.  There is enought lightness and space in this to make it a great background print.
Want to save on postage?  If you are going to Festival of Quilts, Eternal Maker will be there with a stall.  Put FESTIVAL OF QUILTS as your delivery address and they will bring your order to the show and refund postage for you x
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  1. What a gorgeous selection of fabrics!

  2. Love that bold Leicien print, it's very me! Yes I think I may be stroking that at FoQ and seeing if it would be suitable to make a dress out of!

  3. Oh my, this is my fave type of fabric, after real vintage, and it's only a week until FofQ. I will def be heading for their stall, thanks for the heads up!

  4. I was just thinking how lovely that first print is, and how well it would work in loads of blocks and how I probably ought to order some. Then, while tidying my stash last night, discovered a fat quarter of it. Love the dot to dot one too, but suspect T wouldn't be able to resist taking a pen to it to join them...

  5. A lovely selection! I have a stack of repro/feedsack prints collected over the years, waiting to be turned in to a fab quilt one day... :)

  6. Love it
    Perfect and brilliant use of color
    From Canberra Deck


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