Monday, 22 April 2013

New arrivals at Eternal Maker: a Clover special

During my Aeroplane bag making I was extremely grateful for the Clover Wonder Clips that I bought a while back.  I love these, such grip and no pins- perfect!  Bag making, quilts, thick layers- denim etc and awkward things like darts- all are good for these.  I dpon't see why you couldn't use them with knitted items and I certainly use them with jersey knits especially with the overlocker where I really don't want to hit a pin!    So I was very pleased to see that Eternal Maker have these newly added to their shop!
I think I need another pack of these, 10 is good but 20 would be better.  Clover notions in general never disappoint so I though I would check out the other Clover items at Eternal Maker.
The Protect and Grip thimble is soft silicon in 3 sizes with a metal top for pushing a needle.  I have one of these in medium and it is a more wearable and comfortable  thimble than many others that I have tried over the years.
This is a cutie,  a Clover flower/yoyo maker .  Brioni recently sent me one of these and I can't wait to try it out.  Good for key fobs and as an addition to a bag maybe?  And there is a heart too!  Love that!

If you don't have  a Hera marker  and you are a quilter, please buy one!  I know it doesn't look very exciting but it is the best tool for marking straight lines for quilting and double up for putting creases in card.  The creases wash out and there are no worries about blue residue!  I also use it when making bias trim on clothing.  Creasing the bias fabric strip rather than pressing in 1/4" gives a much better result and less distortion.  
I haven't tried these Clover Chaco pens but they are on my wish list, especially for garment marking.  There are refills available too so they are a sustainable item (always as good thing).  If you have experience of these please let me know how you got on with them in a comment.
What no fabric?
Yeah right, just kidding.  Clover links nicely to the new Heather Ross fabric line for Windham, 'Briar Rose'.  Availble for pre-order now, you just know it is going to be incredibly popular.
This is my favourite print- pink and green is a top combo and I love berries obviously!   You can see all the prints that are going to be stocked here and they are ready to take your pre-order (fabric is due to arrive July /Aug).  I am pretty excited that is available in jersey as well as quilting cotton.
Not just for children right?  I would love a berry T- shirt and I have had some success with knits recently (will post some pics soon).
And to end with, a Clover print from the Heather Ross quilting cottons.
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  1. I used the yellow Clover Chaco pen when to mark quilting lines on Kona Charcoal fabric. If you are sewing right away it works fine as if. If you are marking and want I to last over several sewing sessions you need to dampen your fabric first. I used a misting spray bottle. I "erased" a misplaced line with a damp cloth, but I haven't washed the finished item yet. I'm not worried at all about their being residual marks though. All in all, my experience with these pens have been good. I've never tried a Hera marker though, so I don't have that to compare to.

  2. Sorry about all the typos, I'm commenting from my phone... :)

  3. I really should get a hera marker - I tend to use my rotary cutter (closed) but that is an accident waiting to happen!!

  4. I have used a chaco pen in white for the last few years very happily - it brushes away with a light soft brush (think make-up brush from the pound shop). I did try a pale grey one so that i could see the line on white fabric but it left residue and didn't brush away so easily and I was wary of marking up a whole quilt just in case it didn't wash out. I should probably do a proper test on something less important to check. All I'm saying is buy a white pen immediately because it's great but make sure you trial the coloured ones first. I have recently tried hera too and found it's great if you can mark up on a wooden floor or on a table, doesn't crease as well if you're just laying your quilt on a carpetted floor.

  5. Lol, I also posted about those clips this week! I can't get on with hera markers though, I just can't ever see the lines o.O

  6. Ah, wonder clips! How did I bind before you?

    The Chaco markers are awesome. I have a silver one that works on just about every fabric and I've never noticed any lingering effects...

  7. I agree with you re Clover - it's a quality brand. I had my eye on the chaco pens for years and finally bought a blue one last year - it is perfect! I do a lot of patchwork and quilting and the line is fine but I can see it and I have no issues about residue. I need some of those clips next!!

  8. I use mini bull clips but will try and get some of these to see the difference.

  9. I love the clips from Clover ~ well, anything from Clover. I lived in Thailand for a while and Clover was the only kind of notions I could find in Bangkok. The clips are good for lots of things too ~ it held a bunch of strips that I had sorted out for doing the Scrappy Trip Along and a couple of other projects. What will they come up with next?

  10. I love those HR prints, especially the clover one.

  11. i've had 2 horrible experiences with blue and red chaco liners not coming out in the wash. i found instructions online to use a vinegar solution and i tried that and several other things (including home made oxy clean) and nothing would remove the markings. so definitely test first if you decide to use them.

  12. The sneak peak of the new line from Heather Ross is driving me nuts! I love all the three you showed here so much I will have to hoard some!


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