Monday, 29 April 2013


The arrival of warmer weather is a kick starter for dress making.  For the last year I have been slowly switching my wardrobe over to handmade and sewing more and more clothes.  They don't always get blogged about mainly due to the tricky nature of self photography but that is a poor excuse so I am joining this...
to encourage me to make more and take photos!   You adapt the pledge to your own wardrobe.  I doubt I can wear something homemade every day so I aimed for at least 3 days a week and I pledged to make 3 more garments.  Wanna join in?   Its a great way to connect with other bloggers/flickr members and get idea for making more clothes by seeing and reading other people's experiences.  Click here to read all about it.  This fabric (Anna Maria Horner Filed Study linen blend from here) is first on the cutting board for another Lonsdale skirt.
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  1. Oo, I bought the exact same print for a skirt for me :) will be good to see how it turns out!

  2. Ah, I'd never thought of adapting the pledge to wearing handmade a dew days a week, that is something I could almost do!!!!! Looking forward to your Lonsdale skirt, the fabric is going to look stunning! Sx

  3. I wouldn't wear me-made to work (it's far too good for that!) but I'm hoping to wear lots on holiday in June so I'd better get sewing!

  4. I think the chances of me making anything to wear this May are remote although a certain PJ making class is top of my choices for the FQ retreat. If I get in I may actually get to make a garment to wear!

  5. Every time I visit your blog, you make me want to make my own clothes. You're such a good enabler =P

  6. I was thinking of ordering this print but could only find it in the US . . .how easy is it to get it shipped to the UK and did you have to pay fees for it to enter the country?Thanks

    1. Lots of USA shops will ship to the UK but it can be costly- I tend to buy from Pink Castle Fabrics when there is an offer on for postage or fabric. Goods £15 and over can be stopped by Royal Mail and a handling fee £8.50 and VAT can be added and I have had this happen.


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