Thursday, 18 April 2013

Baby Love at the Village

Annie at the Village Haberdashery has had the most special of deliveries with her new son arriving last Friday.  Huge congrats to her and her family!  I couldn't resist choosing baby suitable fabrics bundles in her shop for this month's post.  All would make wonderful baby quilts, burp cloths and tiny booties to welcome a new baby!
A bright and vibrant selections of Monaluna's retro Cunban inspired 'Hava', in a' Boy' bundle.  You will find a 'Girl' bundle here.

Sarah Watson's gorgeous new Indian Summer (Art Gallery)- imagine the silky feel of this collection in a baby quilt,

Everybody knows a 'cool' family- designers maybe?  Trend setters? Fashionistas?   WHat better than Comma!  Great colours and graphic prints, perfect.

I couldn't resist a bit of forest cuteness with Scamper.

A Liberty Stile bundle, all ready to make an heirloom quilt!

Simpatico by Michelle Engel Bencsko, in the sale too so a definite bargain.  I have some of this and it is the most wonderful quality, fine, light and strong.

Cloud 9 Maman and Nursery basics- a mix of sale and non sale and again amazing feel and quality.  Many of these will mix with the other bundles, perfect with Simpatico (a Cloud 9 range) but I think these would work with Indian Summer too, the colours look like they would blend in beautifully.

Cot/crib sized batting can be found here.  I used  Quilter's Dream Cotton for the Baby Bear Paw quilt for the first time and I loved it.

A light low loft (thickness), lots of drape and very easy to machine through.  I use spray basting for baby quilts and it worked a treat with this.  I used warm and natural as my goto in the past but I will be buying Quilter's Dream instead.  I found it really easy to handle when cutting out and layering the sandwich I am trying out a Quilter's Blend soon for a quilt that has waited a while for quilting, I might even try hand quilting which tends to be easier with a blend and I will report back. when I finally get round to it!  Congrats again Annie xxx
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  1. I love the Quilters Dream too :-) Gorgeous bundles too, very tempting!

  2. Ooh, now I want to go and make a lot of quilts!

  3. Yes, I love Quilter's Dream, too. Usually use Select, which is a mid-loft.

  4. Ooh, such pretty fabric! Stop tempting me...

  5. I love Village Haberdashery, they have a great range of the Pearl Bracelet fabric and are super quick with deliveries.

  6. These bundles are luscious!!

  7. Gorgeous pics I need to make a girl quilt for a colleague


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