Thursday, 26 July 2012

Showing Off

I have been doing a lot of sewing for other people- no complaining mind, I like to sew for others, especially creating something with a certain person or place in mind.  You remember the little tea cozy that went to Liberty's- here it is in all its fine surroundings, along with the tea cup- made using Laurraine's pattern.  You can see more Liberty Lifestyle makes, like Katy's Ferris Wheel at their Facebook page.  Ayumi has now received this tray which also featured Liberty Lifestyle fabrics.
It was made using her cutlery tray tutorial but on a much larger scale- this is in-tray sized to store works in progress.  It now lives with Ayumi along with Penny's spool/button basket!  Details on how to adapt Ayumi's tutes to make these coming soon at Sew-Ichigo.  I have more Liberty Lifestyle makes planned, I'll show soon, just have to actually make them!
I have also been working on a big project for Annie at Village Haberdashery- big as in a large item!  
It is a double duvet cover, made with Lotta 'Bella'.  I wanted to make a large scale item for these big prints.  These are 8 inch equilateral triangles.
It is a weighty beast!  But I am really happy how it turned out.

Details on how to make it are coming to Village Haberdashery blog soon!  It needs to travel to Annie first for a photo session- that all sounds very glamourous!

Olympics start tomorrow, I am more than a little excited.  Cannot wait to see the magic Danny Boyle creates with the opening ceremony x
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  1. That tray is too cool! Beautiful work.

    Also, as a Canadian, I know very well the extra excitement that comes with having the Games on home turf - enjoy every minute!

  2. The Bella cover looks great! Enjoy the Olympics... most of the action will be while we're asleep down under.

  3. Love the super-sized in tray, and really looking forward to seeing the Bella quilt!

  4. The quilt looks amazing ... I am looking forward to its full unveiling :) Bee x

  5. Everything is so lovely Kerry! So wonderful to see the cozy and tea cup in its new home. Love the quilt and baskets too!!
    : )

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  7. Oooh la la, a professional photo shoot! I hope that the duvet cover smiles pretty :) Ayumi's gift is just adorable. I bet she will hate to cover up your piecing with her works in progress!

  8. Lovely makes as always. That tray is especially lovely and so useful!

  9. I'm so excited to be one of the first to see it!!

  10. Do the tray sides stay up on their own Kerry or have you got something special inside stiffening it up! Or is it wadding and the top stitching that does it?

    Love your tea cosy! How special is that!? Would love the love setting and a tea at Liberty's!

    Am hoping to get some Bella to go with my Echo!

  11. I love the tray, and you seem to have made the most of the bella fabric - so beautiful!

  12. Wow that is so lovely.
    Your tea cosy on the FB page is super brilliant too.
    I just entered your giveaway and then realised that I should have added a little note at the end of my comment to say that I have definitely told Google+ that I am not a no-reply blogger but it seems that they keep unilaterally altering my settings so if I appear to be, please still click reply because the emails do come through. {hope that makes sense} my brain is tired out with trying to rectify the settings again all morning.
    Kind regards

  13. You already know how much I love my basket ;) I was going to use it to store fabrics, but decided not to as I want to see the buttons more often!!
    The Lotta quilt looks great! Can't wait to see it in the whole picture!
    Your teacozy + teacup at Liberty look so amazing!! I wish I lived much closer to take a look at them in person!!

  14. Love the in tray and can't wait to see more of the Bella project on Annie's blog!

  15. aaak! so delicious, you amaze me


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