Monday, 16 July 2012

A little help from my friends...

Today you can find me at Plum and June having a little ramble about blogging voice.  There is also a great giveaway for Sew Fresh Fabrics so worth popping in and taking a look.  Thankyou to Beth for inviting me to take part in her Advice for New Bloggers feature and a thankyou to Ayumi, Lynne, Anna Maria Horner and Katy for being shinning blogger examples!
Plum and June
If you have a spare 10 minutes and a small piece of cute fabric, you may also want to visit Emily's blog  where you will find how to make a Wiggly bag for a Devon NHS trust local to my area.  These are used for all ages of children- toddlers to teenagers and hold the Hickman lines when they are undergoing treatment in hospital.  She gives all the making details and they could not be more simple.  It really does take 10 minutes.
I know Hadley's on to this with a couple made already, all the details are at Emily's and she will email you where to post.  It may be worth checking with your local NHS trust too as there are variations on this wiggly bag used in other hospitals.
sib blog


  1. Thank you so much for helping Kerry - and that certainly is the cutest wiggly bag!

  2. ooo I need to go read that entire series! I've had my blog since 2008, but it's been mostly ignored due to constantly have babies (ha!). I'm finally getting back into it now and I want to join in the whole quilt blogging community!

  3. Yay for the wiggles! Not those Wiggles who I can imagine you model your day job on!!

  4. I'm on the wiggly bag thing, hopefully by the end of the week...

  5. Thanks again Kerry (and friends!) It really was a wonderful post!

  6. Loved your blog post Kerry & some really useful tips, thanks :)


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